3 Most Crazy Animals Facts That You Should Share With Your Buddies

Crazy Animal Facts

This universe is full of mysterious creatures, unknown facts, and fascinating places. Surprisingly, here myths and mysteries are given more attention instead of actual and genuine facts. It’s just because mysteries often trigger curiosity, especially in the animal lover’s mind.

Even in this 21st century, many odd creatures live, which are often seen in the dense forest of many countries. Well, researches are going on, and soon many new creatures will be discovered by everyone. Today, let’s find out the crazy animal facts that are lesser-known and our readers don’t even know.

Parrots Speak A Lot Instead Of Only Screaming


Parrots love to mesmerize simple common words like ‘’none,’’ ‘’smaller,’’ ‘’names,’’ etc. Believe it or not, if parrots grasp such words, they can create engaging rhymes. In 2007, a study of Language Sciences used the parrots’ speaking pattern for developing artificial speaking skills for machines.

Elephants Are Super Dumb, But They Don’t Forget Things

A group of sheep lying on top of a lush green field

Surprisingly elephant is the only creature in this universe having a brain of more than 10 pounds. As we all know, intelligence is directly related to EQ, and the largest brains are the dumbest. The EQ of an average human is around 7.55, whereas the EQ ratio of elephants is 1.88.

If we compare elephants with other animals like chimpanzees, they are intelligent and sharp. When it comes to memory, they tend to forget things within seconds. Memory and intelligence are conjointly, but this thing is not possible in the elephant’s brain.

Swapping Sex Organs In The Marine Life Is Normal

Have you heard of swapping sex organs in the human community? Well, partners can be swapped for physical pleasure, but not the sex organs. Million of creatures exist in this universe, but the dark secrets can only be discovered in the deep ocean water.

Hermaphroditism is a common practice in marine life, and many different types of fishes support it. Many fishes exchange their sex organs because of inappropriate environmental changes. There are various other reasons for this practice which are yet unrevealed.

According to many biology studies, Scrawny male molly fish is always active for Hermaphroditism and flaunts his new sex organs for attracting the female molly fishes.

Final Thoughts

Well, these were some crazy facts that you should undoubtedly share with your colleagues and fellow buddies. There are many other fantastic and jaw-dropping facts to come in the upcoming days. If you also know some secret facts about animals, share them with us in the comment section.

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