4 Amazing Buffalo Animal Facts That You Need To Know

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Buffalo animal facts will let you know about these extremely useful animals. They are one of the largest land animals that are predominantly available in Northern America. Despite their domestic usefulness, there are a lot of lesser known facts that need to unfold about them. These animals generally survive in the plains and there are a cluster of buffaloes who live in the river valleys as well. This article will let you understand the rich history of them and highlight amazing buffalo animal facts. 

American Buffalo Animal Facts

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The American buffaloes are respected more than animals and are given a place in the flags, as well as coins across the country. They are one of the ideal animals that depict the rich American heritage. They are the oldest animals discovered in America and have a history which has stayed since 1635. The name Buffalo has been derived from the French word ‘boeuff’ that means ‘large cows’ precisely. After the year 1774, Americans considered referring to buffaloes as American bison. Till this date, the debate of their name reformation is not considered final. There are yet some sources that disagree with it. 

American Buffalo Vs. African Buffaloes

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One of the most peculiar buffalo animal facts is their distinctive features across the globe. In Africa, the buffaloes are referred to as Cape buffalo, whereas in Asia they are termed as water buffaloes. There are some distinctive features amongst all the three, but there are very considerable differences in case of American and African buffaloes. The African buffaloes don’t possess the thickness and furry skin as compared to the American buffaloes. The Asian, as well as African buffaloes are black in color, whereas the American buffaloes are dark brown in color. 

The Physical Attributes

Beginning with the horns of this magnificent animal, the old or African buffaloes have large horns. These horns form a curve and lie towards each other which is a distinctive animal fact as well because all the buffaloes don’t possess such physical attributes. They belong to the bovinae family and are termed as bovines having the speciality of multi-chambered stomachs. Their structure and bodily functions are largely similar to that of cows and hence they are considered as cows that have cloven hooves. 

Reproduction In Case Of Buffaloes

The buffalo herd works in strong matriarchal policies in which women take charge of grazing and napping sites. The females are the leaders and they stay together with their young ones. They are ones who are in charge of maintaining peace and harmony in the herd. The male buffaloes stay reserved and together in a calm place, generally not coming out much until the mating season. The month of July is the ideal mating month for them and males come out to attract the attention of females who are willing to mate. 


According to an old survey, the environmentalists have found more than 65 million buffaloes roaming freely and grazing in the Northern part of America.

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