5 Animal Species You Probably Never Heard Of

Every year, there is much discovery around the world. You might think you already see everything with your eyes but there are many things you didn’t know. There are more than 1,400,000 non-insect animal species in the world, even you’re an animal enthusiast it’s hard to know all the facts about them. In past years, scientist and discoverers never stop to discover new species of animals. In fact, human-only explores the oceans at an average of 7 percent. So we believe that there still more sea creatures in the deepest sea that not yet discover.

In this point, scientist and discoverers are busy learning and discovery animal through their habitat, way of living, behavior, and extinct. Here are some weirdest animals that we have discovered and we are sure that you never heard of them.

1. The Panda Ants

The panda ants are found in Chile and belong to Mutillidae. Mutillidae a wasp’s family that has more than 3,000 species. This Panda ants also called cow killer or cow ants because it has an extremely painful sting. This ant can kill a two-pound mammal with only six strings. Not like other ants, panda ants live alone, they don’t live in colonies or nests and not aggressive. It has a black and white specimen due to their hair coloration, they are resembling the Chinese giant panda.

The Panda Ants

2. Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Mantis shrimps are also called prawn killers, sea locusts and thumb splitters. It is swift, tough and death machine in the sea. They use their clubs to punch their enemies and hunting food. The mantis shrimp has amazing eyesight, it has a broadest visual spectrum like other animals. Not just that these shrimp have a fastest predatory strike under the oceans, can move in less than 800 microseconds.

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

3. Thorn Bug

Thorn bug is also called Umbonia Spinosa and belong to the family of treehoppers. This bug discovered in southern Florida living in fruit trees. It causes damages to plants by piercing plants tissue, sucking the sap, and cutting the plants using their sharp mouthparts. This bug produces a sugary waste that ants love called honeydew. They have a strong relationship with ants which their bodyguards.

Thorn Bug

4. Glaucus Atlanticus

Also known as a blue dragon, a blue angel or sea swallow. The blue dragon is a species of sea slug that is found in a pleasant and humid water of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. This species has toxic chemicals and stinging cells they used as a defense mechanism against their predators. The bright blue color of the blue dragon is used as camouflage and the grayish backside blend is a sea surface, used to hide from predators.

Glaucus Atlanticus

5. Venezuelan Poodle Moth

This insect is a poodle moth that is discovered in Venezuela by Dr. Arthur Anker I has a bulging black eye and long brown spiky antenna. This species has a similar appearance with the muslin moth and china silkworm moth. Their hair looks like soft and cuddly but it’s not, they use their hair for defense purposes.  

Venezuelan Poodle Moth
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