5 Bizarre Animal Species You Probably Never Heard Of

This world has full of amazing animal, filled with millions of unique species. Growing up we only know some of this species like a dog, cats, and other lands, air, and sea animals. But little didn’t we know that there is the coolest animal around the world that has their unique behavior and ability to defend themselves and survive to their habitat. Here are five bizarre animal species you probably never heard of.

1. Okapi

Okapi belongs to the family of Giraffidae and a native animal from Ituri Forest in Congo, Africa. This animal serves as the flag side species that symbolizes conservation of the region of Congo. It has a stripe that is similar to zebra, this animal is actually closer to a giraffe. Okapi is a solitary creature and only come together to breed. They commonly eat leaves, grass, and other plants, they are called herbivores. They have a long tongue used to strip leaves from branches like a giraffe.

2. Japanese Spider Crab

Japanese spider crab inhabits under the sea in Japan. In many parts of Japan, these spider crabs are known to be one of their delicacies. It has 10 feet that can span over 4 meters long and an average weight of 40 pounds. It also has the longest lifespan than any crab, living over 100 years old. The small and younger crabs decorate their shells as a defense mechanism to protect themselves from their predators.

3. Bearded Vulture

These vultures inhabited in places of southern Europe to Indian subcontinents. They live in mountainous areas above the tree line. They have red rings around their eyes and a long wedge-shaped tail. They have a black facial marking and wings, and the rest of their head, neck and body are orange. Vultures don’t hunt live prey, they typically eat dead animals. Their diet consists of 80 to 90% bleached carcass bones. If they find big bones, they dropped it into the rocks a height up to 100 meters to break into smaller pieces.

4. Pacu Fish

Pacu fish teeth are close to human teeth. This fish lives in the waters of South America and also called Giant Pacu or Gamitana. Pacu fish is related to piranha and can be grown much larger in a maximum of 108 cm and weights up to 40 kg. Despite being a cousin of piranha with a strong and massive body, these fish prefer to eat plants foods. This fish belongs to the herbivorous fish class.

5. Angora Rabbit

Considered to be the hairiest breed of rabbit which both a domestic and wild types. This rabbit originates in Turkey, now managed to spread in Europe and the United States. There are 5 kinds of Angora rabbit such as American, Swiss, Finnish, Giant, and French. This rabbit size is depending on their types but typically they are small and has a round appearance. Can be weight between 2 to 5 kg and even larger depending on their types. They have fine, soft and fluffy wool. Angora’s lifespan lasted in 7 to 12 years. It is a perfect pet because they are very friendly with humans and playful.

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