Facts You Might Not Know About Cheetahs

Whenever you imagine about the chase, cheetahs always comes to your mind. That’s right, cheetahs are the ruler of a chase. This cat is a daytime hunter. These big cats are quite clever at a high speed and they are considered amongst the fastest animals. Cheetahs eat only up to small to medium-size animals, like impalas, hares, gazelles, and wildebeest calves.
If you want to learn more about these big cats, here are facts you might not know about cheetahs:

1. Cheetahs Are King Of Speed

Cheetahs are the fastest runner animal on the planet. It can run faster than Ferrari. The speed of the hunting cheetah is around 64 km/h or 40 mph during the sprint. Cheetah can reach up to 100 kilometers/hour speed in just three seconds. At the maximum, it can reach 112 km/hour speed. Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the land. At the tallness of a strong chase, the body temperature of Cheetahs will rise until 41 degree Celsius or 105 degrees F.

2. The Rest A lot

Even though they are known because of their incredible running abilities, cheetahs are usually spending their time resting around 90% of their time. In 2014, they found that a cheetah only spends 12% of their time actually moving. The rest of their time is spent dangling around, maintaining energy for a big burst of speed.

3. How So Very Fast?

We all know that the cheetah is the unquestionable king of speed. But how is this possible? The cheetah has enlarged nasal passages, hearts, lungs, and adrenal glands to provide extra oxygen in order to energize its muscles. A relatively long, heavy tail provide counter stability for tights turn at the top speed and fibula bones and fused tibia in the legs of Cheetahs which make them stable when running after prey. The Cheetah’s spine is flexible also to its back legs overlap with front legs.

4. They Are Very Successful Hunters

The Cheetahs are the carnivores that select medium-sized prey and they are one of the very successful hunters in the whole world. Approximately 6 in every ten hunts are successful for one Cheetah. This number is much better than the other success rates of big cats. Duiker, Blesbok, Impala, Grant’s gazelle, springbok, Thomson’s gazelle, and reedbuck are just some of the common target of cheetahs.

5. They Have Special Undereye Sunblock

A Cheetah has “tear marks” that can run from an inside corner of its eyes down to outside edges of its mouth. These marks help to reflect the sunshine whenever they’re hunting during the daytime. They work just like black marks which football player put under its eyes during the game. These marks also function like a sight on the rifle, to help the cheetahs stay focused and “aim” in their prey every time they start hunting.

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