5 Fun Facts About Animals

Animals have rights as humans by helping the homeless animals by giving them shelter and to give way in our community and to our society. These animals have the rights and entitled to have their own interest same as humans. Working with these animals makes them adaptable and will be given a chance to have that forever home. They should be protected and not abused, they should be loved and not kill for they are also created by God with a reason and purpose to fulfill. Here are five fun facts about animals:

Did you know that?

1. The horn of the rhinoceros is made of hair.

A fun fact about the rhinoceros horn is subjected to mythological beliefs. Some of the cultures give them prices for their medicinal and magical qualities. Others are using it as their lucky charms. Only rhinoceros horn is unique for it is a composed of keratin and have dark patches on it.

2. The sloth can digests its food lasts for two weeks.

According to research, the sloth is the slowest digestive rate among all mammals. The only key in understanding the sloth case it is because of their low-energy and low metabolic rate.

3. The Giraffes do not have vocal cords.

Pigs oink, lions roar, cows moo and dogs bark but the giraffes spent their time often being silenced. The giraffes have a larynx or the voice box but it doesn’t produce any sound because of their 13-foot long trachea that should vibrate and produces noise.

4. The kangaroos cannot fart.

This unique idea about the kangaroos needs deeper research and understanding. The methane is a natural created by the bacteria in the gut of animals. Cows, kangaroos and other plants ate this kind of bacteria to help them to digests leaves and grass. The study shows that the kangaroos do not produce much of methane because they are low-methane-emitting on their guts.

5. Koala’s fingerprints are almost identical to humans that in some cases it’s confusing during crime scenes.

Even you’ve searched for the best among the best detectives in the world it is still very confusing to spot the difference for their fingerprints because they are almost the same as our fingerprints. Or even you use a microscope to distinguish the difference you’ll be confused either it’s human fingerprints or koalas’ fingerprints.

Be in love with the extraordinary characteristics of the animals and grow deeper your knowledge on the different kinds of animals with their specific uniqueness and qualities. This article will help you to know and to discover the hidden treasures that the animals have.

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