5 Ocean Animals Facts For Kids & Adults

Ocean Animals Facts

Visit any underwater park and you will be mesmerized to see those beautiful ocean creatures. Plus, you will get to know how the sea creatures live, behave, interact, and much more. You will also be thrilled to see the varied variety of sea animals and how one type of animal is different from the rest. If you love water animals and want to discover more about them, here are some interesting ocean animals facts for you.

Ocean Animals Facts To Know

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There are many animals that live in the sea or ocean including whales, sharks, dolphins, crabs, and more. Given below are the names of some of those sea animals and facts associated with them.


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Jellyfish, also known by the name ‘Medusa’ is the oldest multicellular creature on Earth. This sea animal has been on the planet for over 500 million years. That means it came before dinosaurs. Jellyfishes are nothing much but mostly water that’s present between 85%-98% in their bodies. These sea creatures don’t have vital organs like the brain, lungs, and even heart. All the major processes occur in the bodies with the help of the skin and nerves attached to it. Jellyfishes can split their bodies in half and produce new jellyfishes.


Dolphins that are loved by all are extremely intelligent sea creatures with motherly affection. They like sticking with their mothers most of the time. Dolphins are very kind to humans and can come to their aid in difficult situations. Just like cattle, female dolphins are referred to as cows, males as bulls, and their offspring as a calf. These lovely creatures have two stomachs and their lifespan range from 29-50 years. Well, there are many species of dolphins including Killer whale, Striped dolphin, Spinner dolphin, Common bottlenose dolphin, and long-beaked common dolphin, to name a few.


Whales are one of the largest water creatures. The largest of their species is the ‘Antarctic Blue Whale’ that is regarded as the largest mammal on the planet. Whales breathe air and the number of teeth depends on their type. While some whales have a single tooth, others can have about 240 teeth. Well, one of the most popular whale species is the Humpback whale that can survive without eating food for a year. Whales are extremely social and make a variety of noises to socialize and connect with other whales.


Crabs that are generally found in saltwater, freshwater, and oceans are very old sea animals. They are omnivorous and have 10 legs. Their frontal legs are claws that are red in females and blue in males. Well, there are over 4,000 crab species, the smallest type being the ‘pea crab’ and the largest being the ‘Japanese spider crab’. Crabs have large eyes that are composed of more than 8,000 small lenses. These sea creatures can look in several directions at a time. Crabs are highly productive and can hold a million eggs at one time.


Sharks are big fishes that possess gill slits, cartilaginous skeleton, and pectoral fins. There are several types of sharks including the deadliest one called the ‘Great White Shark’. Other popular sharks include bull shark, hammerhead shark, tiger shark, and Sand shark, to name a few. Sharks don’t have bones but have good eyesight. They mature slowly and reach their reproductive age at 12. Out of all shark species, the great white is known to have made the most attacks on humans followed by the tiger shark and the bull shark.

Share these ocean animals facts with kids as well as adults especially those who love sea creatures.

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