5 Unexpected Products That Are Tested On Animals

animal testing products

When someone talks to you about animal testing products, you will surely think of some personal care items or medicines. Well, these are some of the common products that everyone knows about animal testing.

There are, unfortunately, certain items that are tested on animals. These are some of the products that you might never think about. You will learn about the five animal testing products that you can never think are tested on animals.

1. Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses of medical devices and the FDA regulates it. According to the regulations, all the options classified as class 1, 2, and 3 medical devices should always be tested on animals even before they are allowed for humans’ use.

It means that the contact lenses, which are considered a medical device class, are tested on animals. It is generally tested on rabbits. It doesn’t matter the brand of lens you use, and they are used on animals. Certain brands go for cruelty-free options, whereas some don’t.

2. Pet Food

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Well, you might think that pet food is something that can only be tested on animals. It does not mean that the animals have to go through various tests on certain actions.

The pet food might be something that you give to your pets for an arrangement. There are a lot of inhuman animal testing products that are involved in pet food making.

3. Diapers

Some users will find that the diapers are quite soft, and even tested on animals might not cause any harm. Well, you are wrong here, as certain types of diapers are tested for the skin of animals, which can lead to certain allergies.

You can find that the alternative for using a diaper is to go with cloth diapers. So the cloth diapers are not used for animal testing products, which can be right if you manage it properly.


You can check out certain reports on Splenda in which it was shown that there were details about animal testing products. The company regularly tested their products on animals, and certain animals were extensive for the testing process.

A report showed that the beagles were given Splenda for 52 weeks they go through various tests. During the last week, their throats were slit to draw out the blood.

5. Green – Cleaning Products

Some companies might promise that they go green as it’s pet-friendly. When you check out these green or eco-friendly products, you’ll find that they go on various animal testing products.

It is something that you have to understand as they will be tested on animals first. Only then will it be said that it’s animal friendly.


These are some of the examples that will help you to understand animal testing products. It is something that everyone must know to ensure that they can learn how the products they use are manufactured.

A lot of cruelty is done on animals to ensure that animal testing products are manufactured. Understand certain things about a product to ensure that you can know whether to use it or not. Everyone must have to make a conscious decision about the utilization of a product.

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