8 Different Biggest Animal in the World

Our world is a beautiful composition of different animals. You can find animals of any shapes and sizes. The world is full of so many mysterious creatures that you may not know about. There are so many different kinds of animals in the world, and some of them are classified as the biggest animal in the world.

Blue Whale – Biggest Animal in the World

Do you ever think about an animal which is closely 100 feet long and weigh around 200 tonnes? If no, then you may not know about the largest animal in the world. A full-grown blue whale is around 98 feet long and also weighs 190 tonnes. There are five types of blue whales in this world now. Once you could find blue whales in any ocean, but too much killing almost made it extinct. In 1967, whale killing became a criminal offense. According to experts, a blue whale can live for around 70 years.

8 Different Biggest Animal in the World
8 Different Biggest Animal in the World

Whale Shark – One of the Biggest Animal in the World

The whale shark is the biggest fish species that you can find in the world. It is almost 62 feet tall and weighs around 9 tonnes. The whale shark is vertebrate but a non-mammalian. The residence of the whale shark is tropical oceans. This plankton and the small fish-eating animal can live around 80 years.

Mekong Giant Catfish – Biggest Catfish in the World

Mekong Giant Catfish is a critically endangered species. As Southeast Asia’s Mekong Basin is its breeding place, this giant catfish was named after the place. Up to 2005, it also held the record of the largest freshwater fish. A Mekong Giant Catfish is around 9.8 feet long. The biggest type of catfish grows faster than any other fish. Even, it weighs around 200 kg within some years. The biggest Mekong Giant catfish that was caught weighed 293 kg with around 9 feet length.

The Giant Fishwater Stingray

The Giant Fishwater Stingray displaced the Mekong Giant Catfish as the world’s largest freshwater fish. A giant fish water Stingray is around 17 feet long while the length of its disc is around 8 feet. The unverified weight of this type of Stingray is around 1300 pounds. It is probably one of the most mysterious animals as science cannot confirm its exact habitat or its population around the world. Though, they can be around countries like Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

Colossal Squid – Mysterious yet One of Biggest Animal in the World

You may hear Antarctic Squid or Giant Cranch Squid. These are just different names of Colossal Squid. Among the family of the squids, the Colossal Squid is the largest species. Colossal Squid has the length around 45 feet and it weighs around 1300 lbs. Even the young ones are around 500 meters long and adolescents are around 2000 meters long. In the invertebrate family, it is also considered as the largest-known animal. Other than Antarctica, South America, as well as South Africa’s southern part, and New Zealand are their prime habitat.

Ostrich – Biggest Bird in the World

In the world of birds, the only flightless bird is around Ostrich. Ostrich is the biggest bird among the bird family. But Ostrich is known for its running. Their sprinting speed is around 43 miles and they can cover over 31 miles in an hour. An average Ostrich is around 7 to 9 feet long and it weighs around 300 pounds. This omnivore animal can jump around 15 feet in a single stride.

Saltwater Crocodile

In the world of the reptilian family, Saltwater Crocodile is the largest animal. A male Saltwater Crocodile has a length of around 20 feet and it also weighs around 2500 lbs. Though, female Saltwater Crocodiles are smaller than male crocodiles. These crocodiles live in India, Sri Lanka, and many Southeast Asian countries and Australia’s north coast.

8 Different Biggest Animal in the World
8 Different Biggest Animal in the World

African Elephant

The largest terrestrial animal in the world is the African Elephant. The African elephant can be around 12 feet long and it also weighs around 20000 lbs. This huge weighed animal has bigger than 1-inch thick skin.

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