8 Interesting Facts About Hyena You Didn’t Know!

8 Interesting Facts About Hyena You Didn’t Know!

Hyenas are relatively small wild cats that live in Africa. They are known to be a scavenger that can take in animals as well as the meat of other animals. They have a single bright red eye and long legs, but they are beautiful creatures with a large bushy tail. Moreover, a hyena is the only wild cat that has a light color fur. If you want to discover more interesting facts about this unique creature, keep reading.

The Hyena’s Hair

The hyena has a distinguishing trait from the woolly mammoth. This is that their hair is kept short for protection, and they do not shed it regularly. The hair is not usually coiled like the hair on a cat. Instead, they tend to be knotted and curly and often appear to have been gathered around a female hyena’s head. In fact, some experts think that these animals have nothing to do with the cat family.

8 Interesting Facts About Hyena You Didn’t Know!
8 Interesting Facts About Hyena You Didn’t Know!

Hyena And The Panthera Genus

The true hyena is a member of the Panthera genus, which includes lions, leopards, and jaguars. Some scientists think that the hyena and the lion are two different species, although there is no accepted scientific evidence for this claim. In any case, some of the hyenas that exist today were bred in zoos, so they may be hybrids. The cats, though, tend to look more like their wild ancestors than the lion and the hyena.

Hyena As ‘Cradle’ Of The Cat Family

When cats first appeared on the scene in the Paleolithic age, there was a split among the coliforms. This is the general category of cats, although the cat family was divided into different groups at different times. These groups include the Cynodonts, Felidae, and Lagomorpha. They are known as the “cradle” of the cat family.

The Neandertals

In the beginning, it was thought that the cats lived in the forest with the early settlers, but this was never proven. Today, this is still an alternative theory. It is believed that cats were brought to Europe by the early settlers. The Neandertals also might have been the first settlers. They have an unusual feature that is used in many species, but this one might have evolved independently. They have a ridge on the top of their skull. The Neandertals might have been similar to cats in that regard. The Neandertal coat, however, lacks the curled hair that exists today.

Hyena Vs. Domestic Cat

There are some differences between the hyena and the domestic cat. The hyena is more slender than the domestic cat. They have lower teeth than their domestic cousins, so they do not hunt mice and rats as efficiently as the domestic cat does. This helps explain why hyena is more likely to get hurt when the cat chews on them.

Cats, like the hyenas, are more active in the day. The hyena needs to rest at night, unlike the domestic cat which does not need to rest at all during the day. Cats can be trained to be either silent or loud at will. Moreover, there is some variation among cats and they can live happily with each other and with other pets.

8 Interesting Facts About Hyena You Didn’t Know!
8 Interesting Facts About Hyena You Didn’t Know!

Male And Female Hyenas

The female hyena has a reddish-brown color, while the male is a dark black color cat. Also, the female is smaller than the male, though they are similar in size. Moreover, both have long legs and pointed ears.

Hyena’s Habitat

Hyenas live in a particular place in Africa, but they are not restricted to a specific area. While they are generally not considered to be pests because they do not eat humans, they can cause serious damage when they attack crops and kill off other animals that live in or near the forests where they live. The cat and the hyena are similar in many ways, including their hunting abilities, intelligence, and their habits.

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