A Guide To The Types of Animal Traps

types of animal traps

A device or process which is used to catch animals known as animal trapping. And the technique that is used in trapping the animals is known as animal traps. Trapping of animals may be for different purposes like food, the fur trade, hunting, pest control, and wildlife management. Here we will discuss some animal traps in this article.

Hux Eye Clear

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Nobody wants to share their home and food with a bunch of unwanted furry rodents. And the Hux eye clear can help humanly eliminate any mouse problem you may have. They are easy to use, and the latest version has plenty of arrows. These come as a pack of six and are easy to clean out afterward. However, mice can damage them by chewing.

HomGarden Release

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HomGarden release is collapsible, so once you are satisfied with the number of neighborhoods past, you have relocated. You can slip it into storage until it becomes necessary to use again. It will catch anything from mice, squirrels to stray cats. It comes with a strong spring-loaded door and a tight mesh that prevents bait stealing, and it is somewhat difficult to prepare.

Havahart 0745

The Havahart 0745 is a specialist at capturing rodents like chipmunks, rats, squirrels, voles, and weasels. Once triggered, the dor quickly locks in place to ensure pests remain inside until you decide to free them. It is resistant to rusting and comes with a sturdy handle. However, it is a bit susceptible to bait stealing.

Duke 0480

It was designed to help control the beaver coyote and Bobcat populations. It quickly dispatches the creature. It is a reliable model that performs consistently but is sure to be very careful when handling it as it is quite powerful. It offers a wide 8-inch spread and dependable long-term durability. A setup can take a while.

Havahart 1045

It comes with two spring-loaded doors that will catch creatures coming from either direction. The Havahart 1045 increases the odds of a successful capture. It is made in the United States, and its wire mesh is tough enough to resist damage from aggressive varmints. It features an effective external trigger mechanism and is 36-inches long. However, armadillos may occasionally escape from it.

AllRoad Outdoor

AllRoad Outdoor captures mice, rats, and chipmunks without causing any harm. You can use a variety of bait to entice critters, from peanut butter and corn to little chunks of meat. Due to its lightweight, it is easy to move around. A tight latch keeps the door secure, and the setting is straightforward. But of course, it is only useful for small rodents.


The sad truth of animal trapping is that most traps of animals are used to kill, catch and harm wildlife and other animals. Some countries have banned these types of traps. But unfortunately, everything else is not banned everywhere. Common traps such as ladder traps, cage traps, and even sticky traps are not forbidden. Perhaps some animal traps don’t cause quite as much physical damage as leg-hold traps. But still, they’re cruel.

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