About Cats – Are They Like Everyone Else?


When I look at my husband’s cat and ask him about cats, he’ll say, “They’re like everyone else.” His eyes seem to reflect the image of an animal that comes from farms. But, really, what does that have to do with all the other animals in the world? I mean, isn’t your cat a special animal?

When I look at his house, there are some farm animals that look like they would be used in the process of raising a baby. The collars are a great example of this. It looks like a goat’s or lamb’s collar on the house.

Different Breeds Of Cats

In the dog’s world, the concept of mixing breeds is probably unheard of. There may be some genetic differences in the different breeds, but they probably wouldn’t mix because they have no idea what the result would be. And, even then, those differences would be noticeable. They’d probably not mix because the dog would not want to mix breeds that were already working well together.

About Cats - Are They Like Everyone Else?
About Cats – Are They Like Everyone Else?

Cats are the same way. They should not be mixed with other felines because it takes away their uniqueness. Those two felines would never work as a pair. It would never be a good match.

Cats can easily be mixed up with dogs. For instance, a cat might be mixed with a wolf. This would be fine but a cat that comes from a farm is a less likely candidate for mixing with a dog. That dog would likely be a farm dog, or he’d know a farm dog.

What Should You Know About Farm Cat?

Also, a farm cat needs to be taught that cats don’t live off of the farm. That’s the first thing that needs to be taught. It can’t be a surprise to a farm cat. It needs to be shown to expect and want meat. Meat is not a cat’s favorite meal.

Cats can be mixed with cows to make a cat-cow. But this doesn’t do the cat any good and it also doesn’t make them feel any better. You could get a cat that is more with cattle than with cats. You could call them cat-cows.

Cats need to understand how to survive in the animal kingdom. The word feline means “cats” in the animal kingdom. They cannot function in a pet store environment unless they can get along with everything. They can’t.

About Cats - Are They Like Everyone Else?
About Cats – Are They Like Everyone Else?

Know More About Cats

They have to feel at home in their own home. Also, they can’t be treated like they belong in a pet store environment. They have to be trained to be accepted in the pet environment.

Cats need to know what it is that they are supposed to be. What eats meat must know what it is that they are supposed to be. There are thousands of them and they have to figure out a way to be accepted and to be safe and to be part of the community.

People who own cats need to teach them how to be the people that they are supposed to be. You cannot adopt a cat and then send it into a home where the cat doesn’t get fed for the first month. That cat will never survive.

Bottom Line

So, there you have it, the difference between farm animals and cats. Farm animals live in a habitat that is comfortable for them. Farm animals are happy with the way that they live. Cats are cats.

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