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animal testing products

The best, safest cosmetics available can only come from animal-tested cosmetic companies that follow strict animal testing guidelines. Cosmetics companies want to create the next big thing, but they don’t want to put their name on the line for it by using animal testing. Many animal rights activists have been trying to get the cosmetic companies to change their animal testing practices without success. The reason is that animal rights groups are usually more focused on one aspect of animal testing than they are on the entire process.

Boycott Of Major Animal Testing Products Companies

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Some animal rights activists are calling for a boycott of the major animal testing products companies. The most ethical, high-quality products that will claim to be free of animal testing are the ones that have a fixed expiration date (FCO). This means that they don’t conduct any animal testing and yet have a policy of never using any ingredients tested on live animals from a fixed time. It is common practice for the major cosmetics companies to use ingredients from animal tests on their website. Still, this information should not be trusted, especially if the website’s expiration dates are old.

Not All Animal Testing Ingredients Are Safe

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Even if you don’t care about animal rights, you should be aware that not all animal testing ingredients are safe. Some animal testing products, such as Lakme products tested on cetaceans, are contaminated with toxins. Animals are often gassed, shot, electrocuted, or otherwise abused when testing these types of cosmetic products.

Regulation For The Use Of Animal Testing On Cosmetics

There are many different regulations in place to regulate the use of animal testing on cosmetics. The European Union, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the European Ecoscogenics (Europe Ecolabel) regulatory agencies have set mandatory cosmetics regulations. You should always make sure that the company you are considering uses only all-natural, plant-based ingredients. Even if a company does not appear to be using animal testing on their website, you should still investigate further.

Cosmetics that have been “tested” on animals should not be used on the face or body. Even if they claim on their labels that their products are “tested on animals only,” you should read the label closely. Cosmetics testing on animals may include captive gathering (where animals are caught illegally in factory farms and zoos), cage setting (where animals are locked in cages so they cannot run away), and inhalation of pesticides, drugs, or other chemical agents. If an ingredient has been tested on animals, it means that the company must use only renewable resources, such as plants or sea weeds.

Creating A Cruelty-Free Makeup Policy

If a company truly wants to improve their cosmetics’ quality, they should go the extra mile and create a cruelty-free makeup policy related to their facility. Any animal testing that takes place at a professional level should be banned. Cosmetics companies should not use gestation crates, electric prods, injections, or other brutal methods. They also should not test their ingredients on animals. The best way for them to do so is to eliminate other possibilities for animal testing.

If a company truly wants to utilize state-of-the-art technology and ingredients in their products, they should have a cruelty-free production model. The best way for a company to accomplish this is to create a specialized manufacturing facility that strictly adheres to all of the guidelines set forth by the European Union, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Health, and the World Health Organization. An example of an eCommerce site that can display the cruelty-free model of animal testing is Lakme. The European Union has set the standards that all other companies must adhere to when researching, creating, and approving new cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for sale throughout the EU.

Final Words

You do not want to find a different company that will allow testing on animals. In the past, the animal testing policy would state that only mainland China was safe for animals. However, it was discovered that Hong Kong dogs were being used in clinical trials for skin and lung diseases. There were even cases where cows in China were being tested for fertility issues! It has become very important to find an eCommerce site that will allow you to compare all of your cosmetics options without having to worry about what country the ingredients originated from.

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