Allosaurus: Know About An Awesome Species

Allosaurus: Know About An Awesome Species

Allosaurus, you must have heard the name. Once you heard of the word dinosaurs, a big animal comes to your mind. It is said that dinosaurs existed 65 million years ago. Giant meteor hit was the reason behind their extinct.  There are a lot of explanations that explain how these giants were looking like. There were some types of dinosaurs that even had feathers.

But there are a few things that you should know about dinosaurs.

Reptiles That Ruled The Earth

In the middle and late of Triassic period dinosaurs are said to be evolved. This was 230 million years ago. But even before this, there were other reptiles that ruled the earth. Archosaurs were said to be the highly dominant reptiles at that time.

If we count to date, these modern humans exist for just a few hundred years. Understand that this human civilization has a history of 10000 years. Even though, people argue that dinosaurs extinct dramatically, we should understand that they survived on earth for 165 million years.

Allosaurus: Know About An Awesome Species
Allosaurus: Know About An Awesome Species

Their Evolution Into Birds

Even though there are some palaeontologists who do not agree on this, many pieces of evidence show that the birds that exist today are evolved from dinosaurs.

Most Of Them Were Plant-Eaters

Even though there existed all kinds of dinosaurs, evidence shows that the majority of them were herbivorous.

Allosaurus – One Of The Very Interesting Species

Allosaurus is said to be the most interesting species among all the dinosaurs’ species. However, the evidence for this is it was the king that ruled Jurassic predators mainly in North America. Some of the features of Allosaurus are

  • It had very powerful jaws like any other dinosaur and that contained 70 thick and sharp teeth
  • They had three-fingered hand
  • The claws measured around 8 inches long
  • The teeth and skull both were not as large as other dinosaurs existed at that time
  • But the most important and unique feature was their skull was flexible
  • Their jawbones were bending outward and this helped them to open big mouth
  • They were able to hold meat better compared to other dinosaurs

They All Were Not Dumb

Evidence shows that there were some plant-eating dinosaurs that featured a very small brain. But brains are said to be smaller in comparison to their body size. Hence these were said to be a little smarter compared to others. But there were –eating some meat dinosaurs that even though had big brains, the grey matter was significantly more compared to their body size. Hence they were also not dumb.

They Extinct At Different Times

Allosaurus: Know About An Awesome Species
Allosaurus: Know About An Awesome Species

65 million years ago, meteor occurred was the reason behind the extinct of dinosaurs. But we should not imagine that the huge fireball all of a sudden incinerated all of them. Actually this process of dinosaur’s extinction happened in hundreds of years.

Bottom Line

Dinosaur is one of the huge and most powerful reptiles present on this earth. There were hundreds of species that existed and all of them extinct later. Hence, the dinosaur was one of the most interesting reptiles to date. They were wonders existed here and there are many things that need to be revealed about them.

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