Amazing Facts About Animals

chanism to protect themselves to other treats and survive in their environment. Here are more amazing facts about animals:

1. Dragonflies form a heart shape using their tails whenever they mate, the same with damselflies.

Dragonflies and damselflies are different by size but similar in their reproductive behavior. Male dragonflies are very territorial, they defend their mating territory to other male dragonflies by a battle. The dragonflies who wins the battle will be the mating partner of the female dragonflies. Dragonflies don’t do courtship or even dancing not like damselflies. Damselflies spot their colorful wings and dance with a zipping along the water to get the female damselflies. But both of them have the same process in mating, the male first grabs the females back of her neck to seduce the female. Then if the female is sexually responsive, she will lift her abdomen to lift her vagina in contact with the male penis, this will allow the male to transfer his sperm to the female. After that, they will stay together until the female lays their egg into the water.

2. Honeybees can catch sexually transmitted diseases.

Bees are like animals that are polyandrous, meaning they mate with multiple partners.  Queen bees might mate with a hundred of male bees in just an hour to reproduce more of their species. But in a new study of nature, this causes them vulnerable to STDs.

3. Cats don’t have sweet taste buds.

Humans, like other animals, have five different receptors like salty, sour, savory, bitter and sweet. The sweet receptors have two genes that both gives the ability to taste sweet treats. But in cats case, one of this sweet receptor is broken that is why they don’t have sweet tooth or sweet taste buds. They are just enjoying eating sweet foods because of fats. This case is similar to tigers and lions.

4. The Clownfish are naturally born as a male but transform into a female for them to mate.

Clownfish are hermaphrodites that develop into male fish. Clownfish belong to a large group with all males and only one female. When the female of that group dies, the dominant male of the group will be the one that will turn into a female to continue to reproduce their species.

5. Flamingos are naturally born with white grey color but turn into pink.

Flamingos born with white grey feathers soon turns into pink that caused by the natural pink dye called canthaxanthin which from eating blue-green algae and their diet of brine shrimp.     

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