Top Amazing Facts About Horses

The Horse: a symbol of freedom and unbridled energy. Horses are majestic creatures which humans share a real bond with. Before the invention of the automobile, horses were relied upon for transportation. If you love horses as much as we do here are some amazing facts about horses.

The Oldest Horse

We believe it that horses can live up to more than 20 to 30 years. But in the 19th century, there is a domestic horse who lived for 62 years. That horse was famous as the longest living horse and was nicknamed “Old Billy”.

Horses Can Sleep While Standing

You will not probably believe that a horse can sleep either standing up or lying down the ground. And that’s a fact out there. They even seem to sleep shorter lying on the ground. So be careful if you think that a horse is waking up when they rise up.

The Eyes of a Horse

Among all mammals that you can find inland, horses have the largest eyes. Given also that they are placed on the side of their heads, horses can almost see in a 360 degrees view. A horse can even look at 2 separate objects. You can tell that the horse is currently looking at 2 different objects when their ears are pointing at 2 directions similar to their eyes.

The Teeth of a Horse Can Help Determine Their Age

The teeth of a horse will not be able to stop in growing. Basically speaking, as a horse grow older and larger too. But we can only determine an estimated value by examining their teeth. Sometimes there are cases where horses lose their teeth before they lose their lives.

How Horses Smell You?

You might think that a horse is smiling at you whenever you see them showing up their teeth and pouting up their mouth. The horses are actually doing it not to show that they are happy, they are basically trying to smell things better. Experts call it “Flehmen”, it is a horse practice to direct its smelling glands under the horse’s nasal passage.

It would be a child’s dream to ride a horse even once, no doubt that horses are such noble animals that accompanied humans for a lot of centuries already. They helped us carry our loads from far places, they gave us to aid in transportation, they even help our ancestors rally to their victories, and they are good friends too for some sports. No matter what their use is, horses proved that they are not a useless animal. They are not animals we consider vulnerable right now, all we need to do is to maintain their current state and protect their habitats.

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