Animal Blood Types You Should Know About

Animal Blood Types

Have you ever wondered about what blood types animals can have? Can there be blood transfusion between different animals? If you have been curious about how these things work, then it is high time for you to get insight regarding animal blood types. Did you know that in 2006 a rottweiler donated blood to a German shepherd who was shot with two bullets? Therefore animal blood types work quite similar to the human blood types. The functioning is all the same, yet there is some difference.

Brief Insight

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Animals do not have the power to think about their blood types because they don’t have the cognitive ability. Sometimes animals need to receive a blood transfusion, and it is essential to check clearly so that there is no incompatibility. Otherwise, there can be an adverse reaction and might even be fatal to the animal. The blood already present; it will fight against the foreign blood and will prepare antigens. Therefore it is essential to understand the working mechanism of the blood group of animals. There is a specific label for the blood group of dogs- the dog erythrocyte antigen. The particular breed of dog will have the same blood type. According to a study, about 60% of the greyhounds have DEA 1.1 negative, making the blood transfusion easier among the same breeds. If you talk about cats, they have only two different antigens- A and B.

What About Horses? Animal Blood Types

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Horses have a very loose regrouped bloodline because you can categorize them into 30 different sections. There are about eight foreign antigens in the body which gets international recognition. With the b group of blood from the horses, one can mark out 60 different antigens, making it easier for the translation process. The entire blood group mechanism is based on the evolution of the animal, so they are so different.

What To Do When Your Pet Needs A Blood Transfusion?

There can be several occurrences in which your pet will need a blood transfusion. There can be an accident or injury and even infection. The first thing you have to do is talk to a veterinary, and maybe they can source the external blood. For example, if your dog is injured, the vet can test the outdoor blood group and find the same. If that is not working, then you can try finding a dog of the same breed so that the transfusion can happen. Remember that the same species of dogs cannot have the same blood group always. It might be possible that an Alsatian is providing blood transfusion to a dalmatian, and the acceptance is pretty good.


Whenever you have a pet, ask a doctor about their blood group during regular check-ups. Keep a backup handy so that you can get it in times of need. It is not easy to understand animal blood types, and therefore you need to test it before taking action. Once your pet has undergone the blood transfusions system, there will be no loophole for regret.

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