Animal Crossing Villager Types – Find Out What Sets Each Type Apart

animal crossing villager types

The Animal Crossing series is a role playing game where you are allowed to adopt, train and care for many different animals. For example, there are a total of seven different animal types in this game which include the pig, the snail, the bee, the tiger and the frog. And these aren’t just the basic animal types either as there are many more added on as part of the storyline. However, the majority of the time you will be focused upon only one or two of them. This will then mean that you have to use other resources to help you complete tasks and earn the necessary money to purchase the items for each one.

An Overview

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Naturally, if you’re going to be an Animal Crossing player you will need to make sure that you keep your house as clean as possible. This is because you will be adopting animals and then you will also have to look after them so you will need to provide them with things like food and shelter. If you do not make sure that the environment in your house is as clean as possible then your character will become sick. Also, if your neighbours or other players in the game to find that your house is dirty they are likely to report it to the game authorities who in turn will investigate it. This is just one of the ways that the game can be disrupted by bad behaviour.

Animal Crossing Villager Types

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When you are playing as an Animal Crossing villager you will be required to take on jobs. These are jobs which will allow you to buy the right animals for the homes in your town. You can also get to build relationships with the people around you that can help you get jobs. For example, one person may ask you if you can help her with her pet or if she needs someone to look after her animals. Essentially, you are looking for assistance and it can help you find jobs quickly and easily.

As part of the game you will be given various jobs which will require you to purchase certain animals. When you have more animals you can ask the other villagers for assistance. You will generally receive help when you need it as the villagers tend to look out for each other. However, some people may shun you due to past problems you may have had. However, this is the exception rather than the rule as you can improve your character through helping others in the game.

It is important to remember that the villagers do not like to compete with each other. They will often team up to attack you when you are trying to purchase the right animals. However, there are other characters that can cause trouble in this game. Some of these are named Mr. X and Mr. Y. These characters tend to steal your animals, which means you need to keep careful watch over them otherwise they can easily dominate the game. When this happens you will not be able to purchase the animals you need.

The other villager types are generally merchants. They can be found on roads around your farm. You will need to collect items and sell them for a profit. This allows you to build up your cash and eventually buy all the items you need for the game. Your job is to keep moving so keep an eye out for bugs as well.

In The End

Throughout the course of the game you will come across many different animals and plants. Each of them will have different requirements that you need to meet in order to gain their service. You will need to find the right animal breed for the job depending on the type of environment you are trying to create. You will learn about each type of environment as you progress through the game.

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