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how many animals are in the world

The question is, How many animals are in the world? is asked all of the time and most people have a satisfactory answer that is not too difficult to know. After all, there are millions of different kinds of animals and all living on the earth together. There are some who say the number is so large that it is unimportant and irrelevant, but there are those who believe that the amount of animals on earth is very important and should be taken seriously.

The problem with asking the question, How many animals are on the earth? is that most people do not understand how the Earth works or what part it plays in the grand scheme of things. They tend to look at this from a very narrow perspective-one of the narrowest being human beings. From this perspective, they argue that there are only a few people on earth and they are the only ones that matter because they can produce offspring. So from this limited perspective, the question, How many animals are on the earth is irrelevant.

How Many Animals Are In The World

Animal Facts

While this may be true in some regards it certainly isn’t the case in others. When someone asks how many animals are on the earth, they are usually using a scientific method called arithmetology. They count how many species of animals exist based on how many distinct kinds of animals there are in the world. They use the birth date and year of birth for this kind of calculation.

While this is a legitimate way to determine how many animals are on the earth, it can actually over calculate the number. Arithmetologists commonly make calculations using this method. For instance, if the year of birth is 18 then the animal birth date would be D-day (however, some count down until the exact date of birth). If there are 12 months in a year then the actual animal birthdate would be A-day. The problem with this is that humans can breed animals while they are pregnant or even before they are born.

A Much Ado 

Animal Facts

A much more accurate way to determine how many animals are on the earth is to count the species that can be found on the earth. Some scientists actually estimate that there may be as many as 100 billion animals currently in existence. To count this many animals you need a rough estimate of the number of species of all the Earth’s land animals. This is usually done by looking at specific species in relation to landforms.

One method that has been used to figure out how many animals are in the land is called specular growth. This involves looking at specific strains and doing a cross-species genetic analysis to count the differences between species. A drawback to this is that it counts the age of individual animals, which can skew the estimates.

How many animals are in the ocean? This question has long baffled researchers. Estimates have varied between hundreds and thousands of species. The largest number of estimates come from tropical rainforest areas. One drawback of this method is that the amount of landmass that a specific species occupies may greatly skew the total estimate. Other estimates exist for estimating the number of species of land animals, such as birds.

Final Words 

How many plants are in the world? Estimates range between one to two billion species of plants. Estimates for land plants are slightly different because they do not include sub-irrigated plants, which are watered plants that people feed with. Most of these estimates have come from tropical rainforest regions. It is estimated that one to two percent of the earth’s total land surface is covered with plants. Most of the plants that are found on land are oxygenating and photosynthetic, which means they reproduce by means of the sun’s light.

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