Animal Myth: Bursting The Bubbles Of Prevalent Myth

Animal Myth: Bursting The Bubbles Of Prevalent Myth

Each animal does something strange like giraffes cleaning their ears and eyes without using their tongue, Snails hibernating for three years and snakes seeing through their eyelids. But not all animals have strange habits; some are falsely associated with mythical practices. Let’s dive into an animal myth.

So, are you curious to dig those myths out? 

If yes, then hold your seat and fasten the seat belts. This guide will take you through the enlightening journey about the common animal myths which will hit your rock solid. 

Animal Myth: Bursting The Bubbles Of Prevalent Myth
Animal Myth: Bursting The Bubbles Of Prevalent Myth

1. Ostrich burying its head while being scared

You can call it an optical illusion because they are giant birds with comparatively small heads. So, when they lean their head down in the ground, might to pick pebbles or dig a hole to keep safe their eggs, it seems they’re burying their head. So, in reality, Ostrich doesn’t bury their head but dig holes to either build a nest for eggs or to turn eggs upside down timely. This myth has no link with reality.

2. Opossums hanging themselves with the help of their tails- Weird animal myth:

A young Opossum can even try this insane act with its long tail, but none of the adults will dare to perform due to their large weights. So, in no situation, they can be this much bored to perform an act of such an extent. In fact, why would any animal ever hang itself with its tails? This myth lacks logic and has no sanity in it.

3. Getting warts while touching frog:

Bumps on the skin of a frog appear like warts, and a section of people think that those warts are contagious. Isn’t that crazy? Warts can only infect humans. However, those bums on a frog’s body can prove to be lethal as they contain poison that might harm you to quite an extent.

4. Mother birds rejecting their babies if human touches them:

Many of us might have heard this from our grandparents, but this either is not the reality. It was probably propagated by a witty man who meant not to disturb a bird learning its flight. On the other hand, birds scarcely note human scent like vultures being able to smell the human scent and remembering it. So, again, this has to conclude that no bird leaves their baby when touched by a human. However, this animal myth has undoubtedly done well in a few aspects, like restraining people from handling young birds and caging them.

5. Penguins Falling Back Looking Up In the Air: Animal Myth

It started when some pilots who were flying around South America noticed a few penguins toppling while looking skyward. As older people say, incomplete knowledge is dangerous; this myth has a straight correlation with it. According to lead researchers, Penguins are capable of maintaining balance even while watching the sky. However, toppling backward could be the cause of fright due to the sound of low flying plains. 

So, in the hope that you would have enjoyed reading this article related to animal myths, pass the information further to make kids and elderlies aware. 

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