Animals With Long Tailed Cephalothoraxes

biggest animals in the world

In this short article, I will tell you about the top 10 biggest animals in the world according to weight. Of course, as with the title of this article, the list is not necessarily complete. But it will give you a good idea of some of the largest animals out there. Hopefully you can add the list of the biggest animals in the world to your growing list of ideas about nature.

The elephant tops the list at almost 7 feet in length. It is the fourth most common animal in the entire world, with the second most common being the giraffe. Both of these animals are critically endangered, with the giraffe due to poaching and the elephant because of severe habitat destruction.

The Killer Whales

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Probably the most feared animals in the ocean by human beings are the killer whales. There are very few non-endangered varieties left in the entire world, and it is believed there may be only one left in Hawaii. However, the blue whale is the largest animal in the ocean, weighing in at more than nine hundred pounds. Its massive size is what makes it dangerous; it is also one of the slowest-moving animals, needing almost a full day to move a single mile.

The African Elephant is the third heaviest animal in the ocean. It is slightly smaller than the blue whale, weighing in at less than eight hundred pounds. It has a massive build, with its trunk being nearly as long as its body. Because of this, the African Elephant has a difficult time walking over long distances, and they spend most of their time basking in the sun. They are also known to be very aggressive, although surprisingly, there have been reports of their being tame or gentle.

The Crocodile

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Perhaps the most mysterious and most dangerous animal on earth is the Crocodile. Some sources say it may not be a crocodile, but is in fact a snake. It is the largest known reptile and reaches a full length of twenty feet. They have powerful jaws, strong legs, and webbed fingers and toes. The biggest animals in the world have often been found covered in feathers, which is why the anaconda is also covered with scales.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this list is the last place it lists: the pike. These fish are capable of swimming incredibly fast, up to a speed of ninety miles per hour. Pikes are also capable of ripping their prey apart with amazing ease, a skill that has earned them the name as the strongest predator in the ocean. If you ask scientists, they would agree that these are the most powerful land animals alive today.

Internet And Magazines

Now that you know who they are and some information about their origins, you can learn about some of the other interesting animals in this article. To gain a better understanding of what makes some animals so dangerous and others so gentle, spend a few hours looking through the online internet and magazines, and read up on the pros and cons of the animals included in this article. If you want to make sure that your kids remain safe, take them to see the wildlife in action, so that you will be able to identify and avoid any danger when playing in parks and wilderness areas.

No matter how big or small, all animals share one common trait: their capacity to regenerate. Recharging their own body’s energy to survive is the reason why they can survive for such a long time, even though it takes a lot of energy from their body to do so. 


This is also the reason why scientists came up with the idea of naming an animal after its regenerative capacity. Animals like the tiger, leopard, and cheetah are examples of these animals. A cat’s claws can grow as much as nine feet, which means that these felines are capable of ripping their way through almost anything. And the long tailed Chinese angelfish can grow around three feet long and weighs nearly a ton!

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