Bird Training – Birds Can Teach Themselves To Talk


This is a pretty good article that I read today. It has lots of great information about bird training. Birds easily get bored, and to avoid this potential problem, you can feed them treats. If you start them off with a treat they will get used to it and will come for it more often. Also, make sure you put plenty of treats on the table.

How To Teach Your Birds To Talk

A great way to teach your bird to talk is to try hummingbirds. Just take some food or small toys and place them near your hummingbird and it will recognize the sounds. Be sure you give its food and toys out of reach of predators so they can’t eat them. You might also want to set up a hibachi grill so you can let your bird watch it cook, and get to taste some of the food.

Bird Training - Birds Can Teach Themselves To Talk
Bird Training – Birds Can Teach Themselves To Talk

To teach your birds to identify their family – i.e. which birds are theirs is really simple. Have two different birds in a cage together (the male is called a ‘mother’ and the female is called a ‘father’) and give them a fake dead parrot. They’ll have a range of possibilities on what to call it so the birds will call it their own.

Training birds to talk or speak is an art form. One requires perseverance. Don’t expect your birds to teach themselves all at once. There is no magic bullet. In order to teach your birds to speak, you need to break them down into parts: a thought, a sound, and words.

How To Treat Your Birds

Get them yummy treats for eating like nuts and seeds and make sure to let them eat them while you are away from the cage. Once you have these treats in your cage every time you see your bird doing something, say it.

The reason why you need to have these treats in the cage is that they can learn while you are not around. Birds will understand that if they see you eating their treats, they are better. By eating the treats, they will be building up their own.

Once you have the birds eating the yummy treat, but still without the words, start by asking them what they are feeling. They will react by releasing a small sound, one note per bite. You can imitate this by saying their name every time they do this.

Bird Training - Birds Can Teach Themselves To Talk
Bird Training – Birds Can Teach Themselves To Talk

The next step is to go for shorter syllables, say their name at least twice and then say the word you are looking for, word by word. Each time you go through this, your birds will be able to produce longer words in their own time.

They Start To Develop Their Own Sounds

Your birds may start to develop their own sounds that they are saying, but keep trying it with shorter sounds such as, their name again, one word and then another. They are doing the work for you, just by watching you eat their yummy treats. Once they have acquired several words, you can start using these to train your birds to talk.

Think of it as a practice speaking lesson. All the boring practice. Start with one word like “train”, or “fly.” Keep going with longer syllables until you get to the final “my bird says…” part.

With proper sentence structure, they should be able to learn to respond to you properly. But remember, be patient with this and get them to the point where they can talk. It is worth it in the end.

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