Blue Whale Size Comparison- Just How Big Is The Biggest Animal In The World

blue whale size comparison

Someone will blue whale size to everything from humans to megalodons in this article! It can be tough to comprehend something as huge as a 10-story structure. Especially when “something” is a whale that lives in the same ocean where you swim and play. To help you understand why the blue whale is the world’s largest mammal, you have prepared images below to compare the blue whale to other of the world’s most enormous creatures.

Blue Whale Vs. Human Size Comparison

Biggest Animal

It’s easy to forget how significant a blue whale size is compared to a human until you realise that a blue whale’s tail is 25 feet wide, approximately five times the height of an average human! If plucked from the ocean, a blue whale would be somewhat longer than the distance between home plate and first base and placed on an average professional baseball field. Humans, on the other hand, are only a few inches taller than the batter’s box.

Visitors can even climb into replica blue whale hearts in some museums! Blue whales can hold up to 80 people because they are as long as two school buses (sometimes even longer). Although finding a saddle large enough to accommodate one of these gigantic sea creatures may be difficult.

Blue Whale Size Comparison To A Megalodon

Biggest Animal

The megalodon was unquestionably massive. Scientists estimate that they were at least 20 times the size of today’s great white sharks, with the potential to be 50 times greater. At 50 times the size of a 5,000-pound shark, the megalodon will go down in history as one of the enormous beasts ever. They are not nearly as big as a blue whale, though. The world’s most giant megalodon is thought to weigh over 250,000 pounds. The smallest adult blue whale weighs roughly 290,000 pounds on average.

It can be challenging to make a simple comparison with such big numbers. After all, it can be challenging to comprehend something weighing thousands of persons, with people weighing only a few hundred pounds. It is challenging to get a precise average of how long the megalodon lived because it has been extinct for millions of years. Most scientists, however, believe they might grow to be over 50 feet long, with the most extended predictions reaching 67 feet. This suggests that the megalodon is about the same length as a school bus or a “Uhaul moving truck.”

Blue Whale Size Comparison To A Sperm Whale

The most excellent sperm whale, with a maximum length of 60 feet, isn’t even close to the tiniest blue whale. If you put the sperm whale and the blue whale side by side, the sperm whale is about half the size of the blue whale. The sperm whale’s tail is almost aligned with the blue whale’s front flipper when they are nose to nose.


Blue whale size comparison are the world’s largest animals, even more significant than the dinosaurs that formerly walked the planet. The longest blue whale ever covered was 111 feet long, roughly the length of three school buses parked side by side.

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