Breathtaking Beauty of Butterflies

Butterflies are the adult stage of an insect where spend more of their time flying. It transforms from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly with vibrant colorful wings. Butterflies have the capability to use their wings for camouflage to protect themselves from predators. They also use their wings to impress and find a mate to reproduce. Besides nectar, butterflies also survive by eating tree dung, sap or pollen and anything that they can dissolve into water.  

There are many kinds of butterfly that leave all over the world in a different kind of weather. Here are some types of butterflies that will attract you and mesmerize to their colorful beauty.

5 Types of Butterfly

1. Karner Blue Butterfly

The Karner Blue Butterfly found in Wisconsin and in portions of olio, New York, Indiana, Minnesota and in Michigan. This kind of butterfly is an endangered species lives in Pine Barrens. This butterfly is considered as one of the smallest butterflies, their blue wings can expand in about 2.5 cm. The male and the female Karner blue butterfly has a different appearance. The male wings have a dark blue with a black and white margin, while the female has gray-brown with bands of orange and a black and white margin. Karner Blue butterfly can only live around one to two weeks.   

Karner Blue Butterfly

2. Giant Owl Butterfly

This butterfly is called a Giant Owl Butterfly because of their unique wing pattern that has a resembling to the eyes of an owl. Giant owl butterflies live in under the trees, and widespread in South America like Argentina. The wings are dark brown with a bluish tint and white lines that can span in 12-15 cm. This butterfly flies early in the morning to eat and hide for the rest of the day. They can live in an estimated 130 days.

Giant Owl Butterfly

3. Small Blue Butterfly

Despite the name, the Small Blue Butterfly doesn’t really have a blue color. Mostly the male and female small blue butterflies have dark brown or grey wings with small spots of blue. This kind of butterfly called small but they can span their wings in 20 to 30 mm, making them easy to see.  There are found in the grassland of England, Scotland, and Ireland, they love to live in grass blades where you can easily spot them. Their lifespan is last about three months.

Small Blue Butterfly

4. Chestnut Tiger Butterfly

Chestnut Tiger Butterfly lives in Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Korea, China, Japan, Tibet, and Taiwan. This butterfly has large elongated wings that can reach in 43 to 66 mm wide. It has a color of black lines and a dirty white with a light blue color. The chestnut tiger butterflies are migratory species, they travel one place to another in over 1,000 km to find a place with pleasant weather environment.

Chestnut Tiger Butterfly

5. Glasswing Butterfly

Glasswing Butterfly has an amazing crystal clear wings just like a glass with a reddish-brown border to make the wings visible. It is also one of the migratory butterfly seen in Costa Rica, Central America, and Mexico. The average length of their wings span in 28 to 30 mm and can live longer than other butterflies in 6 to 12 weeks.  

Glasswing Butterfly
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