Chimpanzee: Skill And Other Details


Chimpanzee is a beautiful species of animals, who are omnivorous. It means that they can eat both plants and animals. They are considered as one of the smartest and most intelligent animals on earth. As mammals, they give birth to the babies and feed them breast milk. Young chimpanzee learn by imitating their parents, and primarily, they depend upon their mother. They learn from their mother which foods are safe to eat and which is not. Also, they learn by imitating the places where ripe food is located. Now, let us know more about this unique species of animal in detail.

Chimpanzee: Skill And Other Details
Chimpanzee: Skill And Other Details
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Chimpanzee: Life Skills

The average life span of a chimpanzee can be approximately 45 years. The height of these animals varies from 4 to 5.5 feet, and their body weight ranges from 70 to 130 pounds. At an early age, a baby chimp feels more connected to its mother as it clings to its mother’s belly and travels with her wherever she roams. After this, the baby chimpanzees usually stay at the side of their mother’s learning life skills for the next seven to eight years. Some of the baby chimpanzees also spend ten years learning life skills from their mother. The life skills include grooming, making nests in trees, searching food, and using different tools available in the forest.

Chimpanzee: Movement

Usually, the chimpanzees regularly walk on all four legs, which are known as knuckle-walking. They can also stand and walk upright, just like humans. They can also move from one tree to another in a forest by swinging in the branches of trees. Chimpanzees also spend a good amount of time on tress. Today, the movement artists are inspired to research the animal movements, and they have termed the technique as parker movement. The movement is quite interesting to observe as it is unique and different from all the other species on earth. For the distinctive features of the chimpanzees, they are the most favorite animals of many animal researchers.

Chimpanzee: Skill And Other Details
Chimpanzee: Skill And Other Details

The Scientific Researches

Listed on the IUCN Red List as an endangered species, the chimpanzees are getting obsolete today, and the reason for this unfortunate situation is the global change. In the entertainment world, people have animated this animal to act as clown-figures in various circus acts and stage shows. The real chimpanzees are also kept as pets to train them in these shows or to exhibit them in zoos. The strength and aggressiveness of this animal are more than many other species, and it makes them dangerous too. They eat and sleep more than many animals, which is the primary source of their immense strength. In some zoos, you will find the chimpanzee eating a banana as it is one of the most favorite food of this animal. Today, the researchers and scientists are trying to explore the intelligence of the chimpanzees, and for this purpose, they are keeping them in the laboratories. To make them teach languages such as American Sign Language, they are given specialized training.

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