Conveniently Install Inside and Outside on Your Kennel Cage! Keep the Cage Clean When Feeding Pets!

Having a pet offers you a lot of amusement and happy moments on one side, but on the other side, there falls the responsibility of the best caretaking of those pets, their hygiene, their diet, etc. Moreover, if your pet is a bird or rabbit, it’s better to feed it in the cage only. To make it easier, a hanging bowl is a great option. It will not only feed your pet easily but also reduce the responsibility of checking the bowl again and again.

About The Houseen Hanging Stainless Steel Pet Feeding Bowl

The stainless steel used in the fabrication of this product is highly durable and safe. The package includes 3 hanging pet bowls along with hanging arrangements according to their sizes. Offering you the best build quality with the hanging arrangements, this package of Houseen costs you just 13$. 

Pros of This Product:

  1. Easy-to-clean:

When it comes to feeding the pets, cleaning their feeding bowls is one of the most difficult tasks. Moreover, if the bowl has a rough or groovy surface, it becomes very difficult to clean it because of the food deposits in it. In our product, we have kept the design as simple as we could do. This simple design allows you to clean with fewer efforts. So, in terms of ease of cleaning, this is a great product.

  1. Sturdy Clutches Of Hanger:

In general, in most of the hanging pet feeding bowls, the hangers lose their clutching power over time, but here, the hangers are packed with sturdy clutches so that the bowl may not fall off easily. 

  1. Easy-to-install And Less Price:

For first-time users, hanging pet feeding bowls are slightly difficult to be installed but here installing our hanging pet feeding bowl is just like a child’s play. All you need to do is just place the hanger around the bowl and hang it on the cage. Moreover, at such a cheap price of 13 dollars, this is more than the expectation.


Cons Of This Hanging Pet Feeding Bowl Package

Seeing the price, there are no significant cons of this pet feeding bowl. There is no information about the size and capacity of the bowls. And, the cash on delivery option is not available on this product. 


Coming to our final verdict on whether this product is suitable for you or not, we suggest you first know if you actually need this hanging bowl or just a simple bowl is okay for you. However, if you want to get a bowl with a hanging arrangement, then there is a big yes from our side. The bowls in this package have passed various durability tests and quality measures. Moreover, in such a price range of 13-14$, you are getting stainless steel material, it is really a good thing. Must go for this product.

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