Cutest Facts About Cats

Just like dogs, there’s no doubt that cats are also one of the popular chosen pet in the world. Cats are adorable to cuddle and watching them to their own natural way of living. In one of the survey, people who spend more time with their cats make their feeling calmer, less upset and help to handle stress which lowers the risk of a heart attack. Cats have a big benefit in human life, especially in physical health. Besides this and their natural cuteness and adorable behavior, here are some facts about cats that make you crazy to have one.  

1. Cats sweat through the pads of their paws.

This is unrecognized but the truth is cats do sweat, they sweat in their paws. Even their paws have a too-small surface area, cats have an additional strategy to cope with the heat in their paws. You will notice that your cats licking their paws that is one of their strategies to wash and get rid of sweat. But most of the wash your cats love to wash their feet using water. 

2. Cats’ homing instinct may be due to magnets in their brains.

One of the amazing characteristics of a cats id their homing instinct. Homing instinct is the ability to return or find their way home even in a far distance. Other species such as Birds, Dogs, Bees, and Fish have this kind of instinct. In a study, migratory birds use landscapes, rocks, sun, moon and even stars for them to find their destination. But cats and other animal use their magnetic cells in their brain to navigate them to find their way home.

3. Cats may have evolved their “tone of voice” to communicate with humans.

Some other minds think that cats can’t communicate with their owners, but that’s not true. Besides their normal way of communication like body language and facial expression. Cats can also communicate using their vocal apparatus but not like to humans, they speak to communicate in a different tone of voice. For example, cats only do purr this is a low continue vibration sound to response a yes answer, but if they say mew it’s a no. Cats can do 100 different sound.

4. By neutering a cat, you add about two to three years to its life.

At the age of 4 months, kittens develop their sexual maturity capable for them to breed and produce kitten themselves. Some cat owner decides that their cats undergo to neutering, which they will remove the sexual organ of the cats, for a male they call it castration and in a female is spaying. By this, it will help to prevent unwanted pregnancy and may reduce the risk of certain diseases. The appropriate age for this is above 6 months. This will help to increase the life span of cats in 2 to 3 years and more.

5. The cat’s nose has a pattern that is unique just like a human fingerprint.

Cats nose are like fingerprints that has a unique pattern of creases, bumps, and fridges. Authorities recommend owners to let their cats undergo a nose scanning in which can be used to identify cat’s identification if they are stolen or lost. Cats nose are similar traits to dogs.   

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