Different Types of Pet Animal Behavior

A person and a dog sitting in the grass

Animals can be very cute, amazing, endearing and full of surprises. As a dog lover myself, I have noticed a lot of things about animals and they normal behavior patterns. Here is what my analysis of animal behavior says:

Normal Animal Behavior Patterns of Dogs

A cat that is lying down and looking at the camera

Animal behavior is the characteristics and traits an animal displays when exposed to a different surrounding, person, thing or situation. I myself have a dog and here is what I see him do when things are normal at home. A healthy and happy dog should behave in a certain way. These below-mentioned behavior patterns are normal for a dog. They are very social animals and love to play together with toys, other dogs and peoples. If suddenly, you do not find any such behaviors, then you must assume that something is not right.


A cat sitting on a rock

It is very important for dogs to play about. They will play with toys, you or other dogs. You should give them more opportunities for interactive playing. Dogs also suffer from boredom and if you do not engage them in the right way, they might display an inappropriate behavior.

Rest for Dogs

Dogs need adequate rest too. Some species sleep for longer periods, while some require less sleeping time. You need to give your dog adequate rest and play as their breed demands.


Every dog needs exercise. If you do not make them exercise enough, they may get very hyper and display abnormal behavior. Dogs need regular opportunities to walk and run about. But the amount of exercise and its intensity depends upon your dog’s breed. Young dogs may require less-intensive exercise to avoid development issues. Also, keep in mind the weather conditions before exercising your dog.


Training your dog for important things like house training of puppies, bark only when asked to, etc requires a lot of patience and at times repetitive efforts. Puppies may take time to get used to people, surroundings, traffic, lights, darkness, etc.

Social Environment for Dogs

In order to develop normal animal behavior, you need to expose your pup to society right from an early age. This gives them an early experience and also ensures better social behavior. This can also make your dog happier, enhance its life quality and ensure normal behavior patterns.

Do’s to Ensure Proper Animal Behavior in Dogs

  • You need to make sure that your dog exercises properly to avoid getting bored.
  • Give your dog plenty of safe toys to play with so that his mind is stimulated.
  • Give him some dog toys to chew so that he/she does not spoil your furniture or other belongings.
  • Expose your dog with other dogs or children so that he has company and also learns social behavior.
  • Be kind but stern with him and ensure that he/she learns certain restrictions right from the beginning. 
  • Make it exercise sufficiently so that there is proper development and exercise. 

If you follow all the above guidelines, your dog will display normal animal behavior. All these are crucial to bringing up your dog well.

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