Discover The Secrets Of Microbiology With This Amazing Electronic Microscope! Everyone Will Love It!

Science is constantly on the journey to find answers for all unsolved mysteries. The life of microscopic beings has always been one of the reasons for curiosity. There are a number of substances that remain invisible to the naked eye and deals to be observed with a lens or microscope.

The microscopes are one of the greatest inventions of the time. This has helped to discover the microscopic life along with almost all materials that are microscopic in size range. There are various microscopes of which the electronic microscope holds a special position due to its efficiency. 

The microscope would be handy for all students and educational institutions having microscopically studies. These can be used in a number of subjects across the different majors taught. They can see to be important instruments for applying the theoretical studies and getting a better insight into the specimens studied.

Electronic Biological Microscope For Laboratory Education

Getting ready for your laboratory studies? Nothing can be a better help than an electronic microscope. From everything that you ever wanted to see and observe through this education process, the microscope is quite handy for a great practical studies. 

An electronic microscopic can be great for major students as well as for use by educational institutions. They provide better enlargement and clarity on the microscopic specimens.

This product comes with 2 light sources for observing the specimen better. It provides magnification up to 2000 times. 

The microscope can be used for observing and skilfully studying the features of the specimen while studying. It could be used for better practical studies. The Electronic Biological Microscope For Laboratory Education includes one box of the microscope with all parts fully assembled.


  • Magnification Ratio: 40X – 2000X
  • Model Number: OSL-002
  • Material: Metal
  • Features: Digital
  • Theory: Biological Microscope
  • Drawtube: Monocular
  • Eyepiece: WF10X / WF25X Wide-angle eyepiece
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  • The microscope has 2 light sources.
  • The lens provides 2000 times magnification.
  • Multiple specimens can be tried on the microscope.
  • The microscope is featured with a monocular lens.
  • It allows better visions into the specimens and their features.
  • The microscope can be easily managed by children .
  • The stand can be easily adjusted
  • The microscope comes with an LED light stand and early observe blood tests.
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  • It cannot function in the absence of an electrical power supply.


A microscope is quite important for professional studies which include microscopic specimens. This product offers a better magnification of the specimens and allows better help for students.

This product is quite helpful for students and can be easily managed by them. Many microscopic tests can be easily observed and carried out in the microscope. This allows better help for students to have better professional development in the microscopic studies that they carry out. 

This microscope provides better magnification with two light sources. This helps the students to gain a better insight into the specimens. It is suitable for all educational institutions.

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