Explore Your Surroundings With This Portable Microscope We Have Here For You! You Will Love It!

The world has the biggest mountains, rivers, Oceans trees and it also has the tiniest insects, birds, plants and stones. Since seeing the larger things is not a problem, seeing the tiniest things is a challenge for the human eye. It has been observed in the past that it is in the smallest things that beauty lies in contrary to the large things. You wonder why am talking about the big and the small things right? Especially if the small things are not even clearly visible to the human eye?

It is really very sad to have a telescope to watch the stars and moons but not be able to see the beauty right underneath your feet with the magnifying glass in your hand. Many of you are curious about the little sea shells, leaves and insects as they have delicate intricacies on their surface that are just wonderous to look at! But the microscopes currently available in the market are the ones you use in your science and Biology labs. Not only is it very heavy and inconvenient to use, those microscopes are also very expensive and beyond a person’s immediate budget. So what should we do? Leave the wonder and sit in silence?

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Your Solution Is The Handheld Portable Microscope For Jewelry And Inspection

Get this handheld portable microscope for jewelry and inspection and become an expert at looking at small things. Now you no longer can be fooled by the jeweller with fake gold, silver and diamond. You now have your own tool to check for the purity of the metal and then decide if you want to buy them or not. Secondly, having your own microscope will also give you access to the smallest and tiniest beauty on planet Earth that you otherwise would have missed.

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Pros Of The Handheld Portable Microscope For Jewelry And Inspection

  • Given the portable size of the microscope, you will find it extremely easy to hold, or pack in your bag while going outdoors. 
  • Owing to its small size you can store it conveniently in a small space too. 
  • The magnification of this portable microscope is hundred times of what it normally ranges between making it extremely easy for you to inspect jewellery and gems. 
  • Featuring an universal clip for your cell phone it gives out UV rays from one end and LED light from the other.

Cons Of Using The Handheld Portable Microscope For Jewelry And Inspection

If the microscope is not handled carefully, it will get broken and won’t work. Besides, the rays of the UV and LED will harm your eyes if you look through it for a long time.


In conclusion, you must definitely give the handheld portable microscope a try. The high definition lens helps in seeing the great details of the jewellery and materials that are otherwise not possible through the naked eye.

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