Facts About Animal Cruelty: Why Animals Get Abused Most Of The Time


Animals abusing is a widespread issue in India. However, it doesn’t always mean physical harm. Neglecting animals also comes under this difficulty. Also, when people can’t take proper care of their pets is also animal cruelty. This process includes the constant harming of animals as well.

Study shows that every year nine hundred to two thousand new cases of animal cruelty comes up. Street dogs are one of the typical victims. Moreover, street dogs and cats killed every year as sufficient space is not there to make available for them.

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Facts About Animal Cruelty: Why Animals Get Abused Most Of The Time
Facts About Animal Cruelty: Why Animals Get Abused Most Of The Time

The manipulation or over manufacture can harm broiler chickens. Greyhounds die every year because of selective breeding. However, these all come under animal cruelty.

The killing of animals in laboratories is also animal cruelty. They perform experiments on chemical testing. In the whole world, this method is going on for several years. Rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds were under laboratory experiments.

Animals cruelty we found once more in the circus. Each major entertainment uses animals. However, not providing appropriate food and concern for them.

Moreover, pets sometimes suffered from the kidney, as well as heart problems. When they are not getting required warmth and food and hospitality that they deserved at home.

Caring Of Animals Are Essential

Pets are not only animals depend on us. One can survive only with pets. When no other one is available to give the company. Pets can help in depression and anxiety as well. They help to remove lonesomeness. Sometimes, they act like near and dear ones. People in old age can get great support if at least one pet is present with them.

Facts About Animal Cruelty: Why Animals Get Abused Most Of The Time
Facts About Animal Cruelty: Why Animals Get Abused Most Of The Time

However, the real fact is, most people show their luxury when they have a pet with them. That’s aren’t actual principles. Accurate feeding is crucial when new guests are coming. Moreover, they have to get their priority as other family members. They must take to doctors when they are sick. However, routine check-up is also vital without any health issues.

Regular grooming is essential for pets. Also, clipping nails, brushing hair, and teeth required for their proper walk and reduce the bad smell. Standard bathing can minimize skin problems and rescue them from unnecessary health hazards. However, one should make a regular schedule to take care of pets. In that way, pets also get habituated about the daily schedule in every manner.

Awareness Of Animal Rights Among Common People

Recognition of animal rights in familiar people is the utmost necessity. However, people can plan an event on top of this matter. Social media often play a prolific role in this. Magazines and televisions are more effective media along with the newspaper.

Local awareness is also essential to prevent animals from cruelty. However, a rescue team can make to avoid animal cruelty when necessary.

Vegetarians can become mentors and share animal awareness. It is essential to keep ecological balance by maintaining healthy animals.

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