Fascinating Animal Facts

Animals are always fascinating in many different ways just like humans, some of them might be bizarre and look unusual compared to others. Others may have unique skills and features too that made them stand out among other animals. The skills they possess can be used for their survival, others can also be used to deceive predators and escape sudden death situations. Here are some fascinating animal facts that you should know.

A Lizard That Can Walk On Water

The plumbed basilisk is a Central American species of lizard that is also known as Jesus Christ Lizard because of its very unique ability to walk on water. This lizard is able to tread water.

They use their very unusual skill to run away from their predators or any kind of danger. Whenever this lizard senses any threat, it drops down immediately from its outpost and runs away across small bodies of water. The plumbed basilisk uses its hind legs that are well coordinated to its tail to walk through water with a speed up to 3 km/hour. Well, that is a very effective escape mechanism.

Moonlight Navigation

Sounds cool right? The dung beetle is able to do just that. Dung beetles do not just travel randomly in a path, they actually travel into a straight path disregarding any obstructions in their way. The scientist believes that dung beetles use the moonlight for the transport of their bizarre packages, they interact with the particles that can be seen in the atmosphere whenever there is an abundant amount of moonlight produce. This belief started when they observed some dung beetles not following a straight path when the moon can’t be seen in the skies.

Fastest Flying Bird

Many people are amazed by a lot of things that can move so fast, like supercars and fighter jets that can go faster the speed of sound. The fastest speed of a man ever recorded was 44.72 km/hour by a Jamaican athlete named Usain Bolt. If you are amazed by his speed, you might be shocked to know some more animals that can go faster than him. We will go immediately to the fastest living organism on the planet, which is the peregrine falcon. The fastest speed of this bird can go from 320 km/hour up to 380 km/hour that is achieve when they dive from great heights when they hunt preys, that is surely air supremacy.

Knowing that there are animals that can do a lot of unusual things is very amazing. Especially when we see them for the first them and know that they are capable of such fascinating abilities. These animals are worth taking care of, not by taking them captive but by protecting and helping them survive just like us. Helping them survive can be beneficial for us when we conduct further research and studies with them.

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