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Who said that only humans can relate to sad or funny animal facts of the day? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making people laugh and having a good time. But there are times when a good sense of humor is not enough and that’s when you need to turn to internet image boards and do some funny or sad Memes. The best part is, these pictures and Memes can be put on your blog or website for all to enjoy. It’s an inexpensive way to get social and reconnect with old friends and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also an easy way to make new ones too.

An Overview

A small dog looking at the camera

So how do you use internet image boards to share your funny or sad mementos with your friends? You’ll need a few good tools, so here are a few tips to get you started. First, make sure your username on the board is either a photo of something funny you’ve seen or something funny that you’ve personally done.

Start with Imgur. Imgur is a site where you can post your most popular internet photos, which makes it a great place for sharing funny or sad Pepe Le Pew Memes. You can also search for particular terms, like “black haired people” or “ugly Japanese guys”. Once you have your chosen category, you’ll find a myriad of choices of funny or sad Pepe Le Pew Memes that you can post to your Imgur account.

Another tool for doing this is LVBTATN MEME RIDER. This is a script that will automatically post a LVBTATN URL to your Imgur account every time you put in a funny tweet or update your status on Twitter. It works by having an icon on your Twitter toolbar that flashes a LVBTATN URL. Whenever you make a funny post, the URL will flash and a popup will appear on your screen, so you have an instant reference to some of your favorite Imgur Memes. It’s a useful tool if you aren’t always online and want to check what your favorite celebs are up to.

Best Facts To Consider

A dog sitting on a table

There’s another tool that you can use for searching and posting funny pics on Imgur, which is called LV BTATN MEMEDroid. Like the LVBTATN script mentioned above, this will post a URL to a random Imgur post every time you post a funny picture on Twitter or Facebook. The only difference is that this is a paid service, which means you will need to pay a monthly fee for use. The good news is that it works great, and I’ve found several useful and funny pictures that have come from using this tool.

Another great tool for finding and browsing funny pictures is LUVBTATN MEMEDroid. This is much like the LVBTATN script discussed above, except it also searches through the trending topics on the social media sites. If you find a funny picture or a sad one, you can save it to your favourites and go to it later. It will also store all of your saved links in a neat list so you can go back and search for any funny post again.

Final One

If you really want to find the most hilarious and the saddest Memes of the Day, you should try the /r/ happiest place on Reddit. This is actually a section on Reddit where people can post their best and sadmemes they have encountered during the week. It’s a great way to connect with others who have been able to laugh at the dumbest and sadder things this week. Best of all, it’s a section dedicated to jokes, so you should be able to pull many a good joke here. There are a lot of good posts and there are a ton of new visitors every single day.


Finding an animal facts of the day on Reddit will give you hours of entertainment, so make sure to bookmark this place and come back to see what’s happening this week. The daily posts are a lot of fun, informative, and will make you laugh when you’re not looking. So if you like to find exciting content with a little bit of laughter thrown in, this is the place to go to on the internet. You’ll enjoy every second of it.

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