Get This Mini Handheld Microscope So You Can Study Different Species And Specimen Anytime! Get This!

Mini Handheld LED Microscope is evolved from WALLY SKY with a magnification ratio of 500X and under. This is a portable pocket microscope with a plastic or glass lens with 2AA batteries. This allows you to carry a mini microscope anywhere so you can study different species and specimens anytime, it does not take up too much space in your bag.

Pocket microscopes are small, durable, and portable. The Micro Handheld LED Microscope can view an object up close, regardless of where you may be, and that is why pocket microscopes were developed.

Mini Handheld LED Microscope

The Mini Handheld Microscope can be easily used anytime and anywhere including classrooms, labs, experiments centers. These microscopes come in various shapes and sizes. These are capable of storing images for downloading later and allows the image to store directly to the printer or computer.

These microscopes are adjustable and light in weight about 190 g with a size of 52x23x138 mm. These microscopes operate using natural lights or with a button or regular batteries with High focal miniature optics used in manufacturing. This LED Microscope can view large objects which are too big to be placed on the slide of the microscope by sending the image to a computer with the help of a USB cord. These types of features have the ability to give versatility to small and powerful Microscopes. 

Here is what you can expect from the Mini Handheld LED Microscope


  • Magnifications: 40, 80, 100x
  • Material: plastic, glass lens
  • Size: 52 x 23 x 138 mm
  • Battery: (2) AA
  • Package includes:
  • (1) microscope
  • (1) case
  • Manual
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  • These Microscopes are adjustable and do not take too much space.
  • These are very small and you can even carry these microscopes anywhere in your handbags. 
  • Its Kit includes- the Microscope, case, and manual
  • These are made of plastic, glass lenses so the small images can be seen easily.
  • Specifications: Magnifications: 40, 80, 100x, Material: plastic, glass lens, Size: 52 x 23 x 138 mm, Battery: (2AA)
  • These Microscopes are not heavy and can easily be held in hand.
  • A proper manual is provided for the customer in which its introduction is given on how to use the microscope.
  • Its magnification is from 40 – 100x
  • The images of the Microscope can directly be sent to computer software with the help of a USB.
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  • The microscope is so small that it is quite difficult to place a large object on its slide.
  • batteries of 2AA are only used in this microscope
  • To view a large object in the microscope the viewer has to view the object in part and take the image which they can view only after downloading it on a computer.


The Mini Handheld LED Microscope is easy to carry and is very portable. It has a monocular Drawtube and is portable. The microscope is easy to carry as a result it is also called a Portable Pocket Microscope. These are stereo Microscopes and are very adjustable. The only drawback in the pocket Microscope is that it is quite difficult to view a large object as the Microscope Slide is quite small.

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