Gorilla: Types Of It Across The World

There are various types of gorilla across the world. Each of these species is entirely different from the other ones, and they have their traits. As of now, gorillas are the primates that are present on earth. As they share the same DNA as human beings, we can recognize a lot of similarities in their behavior. The eastern gorillas are the ones that are subdivided into lowland and mountain gorilla. The western gorillas are of two types- cross river gorillas and western lowland gorillas. In this article, we are going to see more about these types.

Mountain Gorilla

The mountain gorillas are on the verge of extinction. In the last census, it has been seen that there were more than 1000 gorillas. But the times changed, and now their count is less than 900. The similar situation occurred back in the 19th century, but the scientists tried and stopped this extinction back then. These mountain gorillas are confined to Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda. You won’t find it anywhere else in the world. They have dense fur and are darker in color when compared to the other types of gorillas present out there. The male mountain gorillas will have silver fur on their back and thighs.

Eastern Low Land Gorilla

These eastern low land gorillas are the most notable species present in the world. The scientific name of this gorilla species was derived from the nineteenth century. These low land gorillas are present in Maiko national park, Khauzi-Beige national park. It has the capability of socializing. They have darker fur and are shorter than the mountain gorillas. Their head will be bigger than their body.

Western Low Land Species

The western low land species are the smallest subspecies of the Gorilla family. This species has the capability of socializing with the world, and they are very friendly too. The female ones get silver fur on their back and thighs as they start maturing. They have a male-dominant gorilla that takes all the decisions regarding their group.

Cross River Gorilla

This cross-river animal is famous with the name Gorilla Gorilla Delhi. They were new species in the market till 1904, but with the time they have become one of the popular types of gorillas across the world. In the 1980s, people started researching about them, and since then they have come into the limelight. They are the most endangered species in the entire family, and as of July 2019, their number is less than 200.

These are the types of gorillas that you will find out in the wildlife.

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