Help Children Observe Different Specimen at Any Time, Help Them Understand and Good Educational Tool

With the everyday working of the science freaks, the students rather become more and more interested in getting to work with the microscopes. To work on microscopes is done with using the small biological specimen plates which are used on getting the right amount of the researched types on needs. The biological specimen for microscopes is best for getting the most out of cells that are searched in need of required knowledge.

The colorful biological specimens for microscopes are used in research of the new beers testing the different specimens. For small and different types of researches like the uses such as cell, vegetables, tissues, insect wings and stems under the microscope. The specimen is used for the new researchers and small kids to keep them busy in the world of different specimens and research on life sites.

Colorful Biological Specimens For Microscopes

The specimen biological sites can be used by the new age budding science freaks to get the science experiments down the microscopes. These specimens are made carefully to depict the cells of different fruits, vegetables, and other animal wings to see the small of art around nature. The biological sites are colorful and differentiate between the specimens. The slides have smooth edges to prevent any kind of blisters and cuts on the hands of small budding kids. To give the best clarity and understanding of the specimen the under specimen articles are made up of high-quality glasswork to give a wider and clear picture under the microscopic sites. The slides are made up of the new based biological specimen which gives an amazing experience in researching soft buds.

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  • Magnification Ratio 500X – 1500X
  • Model Number Microscope Specimens
  • Material Other
  • Theory Other
  • Drawtube Other
  • Magnification 50-1000X
  • Image Sensor 1.3MP CMOS Sensor
  • LED Quantity 8
  • Brightness Control Manual Adjustment
  • Power Supply USB DC 5V
  • USB Interface USB 2.0
  • Focus Range 0 – 40mm
  • Video Format AVI


  • The colorful biological specimen is made up of high-quality specimens to give a clear view of the searcher’s articles.
  • The glass used in the specimen is a finely sleeking design to avoid any kind of cuts and blisters on hands.
  • The specimen is used in the microscopic view of kids.
  • The new budding scientists used in giving a beautiful view of different cells around nature.
  • The blunt design gives the perfect shape to get it set in the microscopic view for the kids.
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  • There is no type of disadvantages and cons of the biological specimen but for kids, the specimen usage should be done under the guidance of adults. The specimen should also be stored at normal temperature to avoid them from any harm.


The biological specimen is in beautiful color and with different colors helps in a different identity. The specimen is called up to identify between them. The specimen is so easy to use so that children can get their science experiments up in angle with the microscopes.

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