Here Is The List Of Some Biggest Animals That Ever Lived

biggest animals that ever lived

While no species has ever grown more significant than a blue whale, each animal category has had its giants, varying in size from a two-meter-long millipede to selfish ancient wild boars and giant birds smashing skulls.

Earth’s History

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The history of the Earth dates back 4.5 billion years, and during this time, the Earth has had time to tread a wide variety of animals. Man has been going with only a fraction, but we have still managed to wreak havoc on the planet more than any other species before us.

The Largest Wild Pig

a wild pig

Daeodon was just a distant relative of the wild boar, but it had a similar close and solid physique. The height at the withers of Daeodon was nearly two meters, and it increased to more than 3.5 meters in length.

The Largest Flying Animal

With an estimated weight of 250 kilograms and a wingspan of more than 10 meters, the Fengshen pterosaur is the world’s biggest flying mammal. It lived during the Cretaceous era, between the middle and late stages. The enormous bird is the ostrich, which flew like a “glider.” The pterosaur from Cai Feng Shen is half the size, and the ostrich has lost its ability to fly.


While it has the look of a dinosaur, it is a massive reptile that existed around 250 million years ago. During the Upper Permian era, it was one of the most important predators on the planet. It had saber teeth used to grab its victims, giving it a frightening look effortlessly. Since the Permian mass extinction, which killed 80% of the planet’s living beings, this species vanished.


The liopleurodon lived during the Jurassic era when its large size and predatory ability enabled it to rule the seas. It could weigh up to 50 tonnes and stand 6 to 7 meters tall. It belonged to the pliosaurs, a higher order of animals with teeth eight times more robust than those of the great white shark and measuring 70 centimeters in length. Furthermore, these animals’ fins may reach up to 3 meters long.


It could weigh more than a tonne and be 15 to 20 meters long. It is among the most excellent snakes ever to have existed on the planet. The anaconda, the world’s longest snake, is just 8 meters long and weighs 200 kilograms. Scientists are unaware of the specific period over which it operated. However, it is believed to have existed for millions of years, starting 90 million years ago and concluding just 2 million years ago.

Last On The List: Meganeura

During the Carboniferous era, the meganeura illustrates the arthropods that existed 300 million years ago, the first creatures to set foot on Earth. At this stage, oxygen levels on Earth had skyrocketed, causing these animals’ breathing systems to become more functional, allowing them to expand to such enormous sizes. The meganeura was a dragonfly-like insect that evolved to be the size of an eagle today. There were millipedes about 2 meters giant and spiders and scorpions the size of wolves, much like her.

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