How To Ensure No Animal Products In Your Diet

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How To Ensure No Animal Products In Your Diet

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Veganism is the extreme form of vegetarianism. The vegan diet cannot contain any form of meat or any product derived from animals. That includes milk, cheese, eggs, other dairy items that are derived from animals, and also any product that contains any ingredient that has been derived from animals. There are some vegans who do not even use products that have been tested on animals. Such a strict diet can be quite challenging, but it certainly has its benefits. And, if you know what to include and not to keep within the diet, the task becomes a lot easier. So, if you are a vegan but having difficulty ensuring no animal products in your diet, or you are planning on going vegan, here is a ready help on how to avoid animal products from your food.

No Meat No Dairy For No Animal Products

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The first step is quite obvious. You simply cannot have any meat or dairy item in your food. This includes butter, cheese, curd, and such other dairy items. You obviously cannot have any sort of egg. And, there are some oils that are derived from animals as well, and thus a no-go. You will do best if you stick to the organic food items, fruits, nuts, and coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Your diet will mostly consist of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and whole grains. Going organic means that you will not have to worry about the chemicals used while harvesting the crops or growing the fruits and vegetables too.

Avoiding Hidden Animal Products

One of the major challenges every vegan nowadays faces is avoiding hidden animal products. Even though the product itself is not derived from animals, there are certain ingredients that might be. This makes it particularly difficult for the strict vegans to stay on their diet. Moreover, you need to avoid any processed food as well. These have a high probability of having animal products. The best way to check the ingredients list. You should look for calcium stearate, albumin, dextrose, gelatin, lactic acid, whey, pancreatin, and capric acid. You might have to conduct further research on some other items to know if they are animal derived or not. The easiest way is to check for cholesterol. The only way there can be cholesterol is if the item contains animal products. So, check under the nutritional information to know if it’s really vegan.

Go Organic And Stay Vegan

As you can already understand, there are numerous items that can have animal products, So, if you are planning on staying pure vegan, one of the best ways is to opt for home grown food items and organic foods. That way you can be quite assured about the purity of the item. But, no matter what item you are buying, if it’s packaged, read the packaging carefully. Even the most harmless item like pasta might contain animal fat in the form of refried beans and eggs. Once you are comfortable about the item, only then go for it.

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