Interesting Eye-Opening Facts About Monkeys


Everybody has its own families where they came from, but did you know that humans and monkeys are close relatives? Perhaps we can observe that some monkeys can even do what humans can do. We even have an almost identical DNA with a certain monkey species.

So, if you want to know facts about monkeys that you haven’t heard before. Here are some fun facts you should know with our relatives, hurry up and let’s get bananas!!!

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World Monkey Day

You read it right there! Since having a joke in the year 2000 about having a world monkey day celebration, December 14 of each year has been considered as a worldwide celebration for monkeys. Sounds crazy but many people take it seriously now, they even have a website right now in which you can see for the details of the celebration.

Who Are the Monkeys?

Personally speaking, most people are still not aware that apes are different from monkeys. You might want to ask how to know if it was a monkey? Not a big problem, you can simply conclude that a primate is a monkey is you can see it was a tail. And to settle things clear here, monkeys are different from gorillas, chimps, and lemurs.

At present, there are currently over 250 species of monkeys in the world and the most recently discovered species was discovered in Congo in 2007 and it was called “Lesula monkey”. Monkeys are also classified into two categories based on their origins. The first one is the Old-World Monkeys who lives in Africa and Asia, and the second one is the New World Monkeys who live in South and Central Americas. 

Interesting Eye-Opening Facts About Monkeys
Interesting Eye-Opening Facts About Monkeys

The Smallest Monkey

The smallest monkey in the world is the “Pygmy Marmoset” which can be held into a human palm and weights lighter than a can of coke. The estimated measurements of an adult pygmy marmoset can go from 5 to 6 inches, while its tail can grow up to 7 inches.

Interesting Eye-Opening Facts About Monkeys
Interesting Eye-Opening Facts About Monkeys

The Biggest Monkey

If we have the smallest within the list, we also have the biggest. The biggest monkey in the world is the “Mandrill”. Its face has a very distinctive feature consisting of a vibrant red nose and a very impressive yellow beard. Mandrills even have a colorful lower body consist of purple, white and pink. A female mandrill can grow up to 65 centimeters while a male mandrill can grow up to 95 centimeters.

Interesting Eye-Opening Facts About Monkeys
Interesting Eye-Opening Facts About Monkeys

These facts help us know how to distinguish a monkey from different primates. Despite the difference in the size of different species, some of them were already in trouble of getting wiped out of their existence and considered to be endangered. Let us help in protecting all animals, not just the monkeys, endangered or not. As humans who run the world right now, we should not just take responsibility but also actions. The regret will never come first as we cannot see the future from the past, everyone must act now before it is too late.

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