Interesting Facts About Fish

Interesting Fish Facts That You Would Want to Know

Fish are creatures who can breathe and live underwater. Among all other animals on the planet, fish is the oldest. It is believed that they were already swimming in our oceans over 450 million years ago. The world below the ocean surface is rich and vibrant with different fish species. Here are some interesting facts about fish.

How Do Fish Taste Their Food?

Fish don’t need to open their mouth to taste, why? It is because almost all the fishes have their taste buds all throughout their bodies.

Sink Or Swim

Some fish such as the shark doesn’t have an air bladder. The air bladder is a very important organ for every fish because without this organ a fish needs to swim non-stop or else the fish will sink into the ocean floor. For sharks, they either continuously swimming around to hunt for prey or rest within the ocean floor. Well, there are also some other fish species who can jump out of the water.


The goldfish is known to be a good pet fish. But did you know that there are some unique features that they possess? First, goldfishes crush their food within their throat using their teeth. A goldfish might look toothless in their mouth but like few other species of fish, they have pharyngeal teeth. Second, goldfishes don’t have eyelids that’s why they can’t close their eyes. Third, goldfishes can lose their colors when you put them into a dark fish tank. Lastly, goldfishes are considered intelligent as they can remember thing up until 20 weeks.

How to know the age of fishes?

The oldest fish ever seen alive was an Australian Lungfish in 2003 at age of 65. But, how can we know the age of a fish? As fishes grew older, there are no new scales that grow. Their scales only increase in size the same as the fish itself. Because of scales that was growing instead of changing, fish rings were developed into them. These rings reveal the age of a fish just like how they estimate the age of such old trees.

There are more interesting facts about fish out there about fishes that are yet to be discovered in the ocean of mystery. Here are only a few that you should know. There will be more and more to come, and you should be willing to discover most of it. Put the knowledge in your grasp. There are over 25,000 species of fish out of more possible discoveries in the future. No one knows you might be able to discover a

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