Interesting Facts About Iguana


Do you know what an iguana’s big toe looks like? I’ve been asked that question a lot lately because I guess the question was an instinctive, “what are iguanas?” So, I thought I’d explain the reasons why they have such a long, slender, and flat toe. Well, iguanas have elongated toes that allow them to run faster and be agile in treetops, bushes, tall grasses, and also have good balance. Also, they can jump very high when they run. The leg pads of the iguana have three to five toes and these pads attach to the longest toe of the iguana. The iguana’s legs are only four to six inches long. The tail is about the same length as the hind legs and very strong.

If you want to discover more interesting facts about an iguana, keep reading.

Interesting Facts About Iguana
Interesting Facts About Iguana

Male & Female Iguana

The female iguana has a plant-based diet with lots of plants that help her body to regenerate. The male iguana is strictly meat driven.

Iguana Breathes Through Tail

Iguanas do not breathe through their mouths. Their small nostrils are located just behind the head and this is where the mucus is expelled. The iguana will use its tail as a mouth to breathe and it can hold enough air in for a few seconds. The tail is covered in hairs called papillae, and they help to protect the tail from dehydration.

Food For Iguanas

Iguanas are land animals that must move quickly to stay ahead of their prey. They sprint quite quickly when chasing down their prey. Iguanas normally catch their prey on tree branches with their sticky tongues. There are different types of prey for the iguana, and they usually eat rodents, lizards, birds, small snakes, and frogs.

Iguanas also eat crickets, bees, grasshoppers, mealworms, beetles, and caterpillars. They find insects through smell, touch, and hearing. Iguanas will eat almost anything and their great taste sense makes them the perfect animal to eat those insects.

Some iguanas are adept at eating snakes as well as lizards and bird eggs. Many of the iguanas eat insects when they’re stressed or when they’re not hungry. They can move quite fast without eating. They can move so fast that it seems like they’re moving through space, but they’re really moving in slow motion. Also, they are known to shred the flesh from the food they eat with their tongue.

Iguanas tend to travel a lot in search of food, especially in areas that have underground water because they may sometimes not be able to find their way to the surface to drink. Iguanas travel about a hundred feet or more depending on the area and they usually go during the daytime when it’s cool. The lizards, they eat are not completely digested during their travels so their digested remains are sometimes found after their trip.

Interesting Facts About Iguana
Interesting Facts About Iguana

Iguanas Have Three Stomachs 

An iguana has three stomachs. It eats large amounts of plant and animal material. It usually needs two to three stomachs so that it can digest food in rapid succession.

An Iguana Has Long Life Span

Iguanas can live anywhere from 4 to 60 years depending on the species. If cared properly, a pet iguana can live for up to 15 to 20 years.