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Italy has three great loves in life: their pets, their mother and ‘Gelato’ delicious Italian ice-cream. Then put all of those three together and you’ve got the most romantic of European dessert treats and the oldest of strange animal facts: ‘Doghissano’, an old-fashioned Italian ice-cream made with gelatin. The dish is thought to have been invented around fourteen hundred years ago. Originally a small pastry that contained sweetened cream, it was named after the city of Genoa, where it was served. It first became popular in Milan and then, slowly spreading to other parts of Italy, including Venice and Pisa.

An Overview

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In Genoa, it became known as ‘mia dei miglia’ or ‘mia doghii’ (meaning ‘doggy ice cream’) and was soon becoming a favorite with the masses, although it became known as ‘chiocche’ or ‘chocolate cake’. When Venice gained fame through the popularity of the opera, piano, or street food, the chocolate cake soon became a popular item on the street and was even served at the court of the duke ofacedrums. It was also during this time that branch became associated with carnivals and strange animal facts; a good example being that the flower called hellebore was said to have caused a fatal disease amongst swans. Another strange fact about Hellebore was that it was the flower of choice for swan hunters. For those who would like to recreate the atmosphere of a carnival, a doggie ice cream recipe can be just the thing.

Fact 1

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Doghissimo! A delicious, sweet and unusual Italian dessert that is made from gelatin topped with nuts and chocolate – the ingredients literally refer to the doggies! This ice cream is often served at important events such as weddings or funerals or when other desserts are inappropriate or seen as an expense. In fact, many restaurants and hotels serve doggy ice cream to customers who would otherwise steer clear of it due to weird animal facts associated with it!

It is not just Italy that has interesting animal facts associated with doggy treats. In fact, a visit to France will leave you with many interesting facts. Pooches in France have been associated with many French customs such as being used in funerals, carrying flowers to the grave, or as watchdogs. Many families keep doggy doghouse dogs in pens at their homes as a practical alternative to kennels.

Fact 2

Another fun fact is that truffles are thought to have been created by accident. These delicious treats were originally created by accident in 18th century Switzerland by accident. Two young brothers, Emmerich and Kurtz, claimed to have invented the chocolate truffles, but without any apparent knowledge or talent. The brothers began selling their unique chocolates in the streets of Zurich, Switzerland and this was how the tradition of truffles was born.

Known for their small size, truffles are quite popular among small dogs and are often used in training. They are also excellent when it comes to increasing the obedience of dogs as they are quite easy to train and will not tire quickly. Truffle dogs are commonly known for being friendly, gentle and very lovable. Their small size makes them perfect companions for elderly people or puppies that need a lot of attention.

Fact 3

One of the more bizarre but true strange animal facts is that there are actually rare breeds of cats that are smaller than ordinary sized dogs. These animals are sometimes referred to as miniature Siberians or muggins. Tiny cats range in color from white to black with some even being as small as three inches. These feline creatures were once bred in an effort to create a laboratory cat, but because the genes have been altered so much, these feline cats are very shy and would make an excellent pet.


Other less common strange animal facts include the fact that most dogs’ paws grow at the same time. Many breeds of dogs have larger and fuller paws than the others, while other breeds have shorter and less pronounced paws. Some breeds of dogs, such as German shepherds, have larger paw sizes than others.

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