Know Some Baby Animal Types That Grow Up To Look Totally Different

baby animal types

Almost all baby animals look cute and adorable, but not every chick or cub resembles its parents. In fact, some of the baby animals have a vastly different appearance from their parents before they grow up. However, when they grow up, they resemble their parents, but when they are born, they completely change in size and color. Though it is very interesting to know about baby animal types and some people wanna know if you are one of them, here you will know some animal babies that look different when they are born. So let’s start.

Giant Pandas Baby Is Blind, Pink And Hairless When They Are Born

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The first baby animal is giant pandas that look different from their parents when they are born. When a giant panda is born, the baby is blind, hairless, and pink. They are also very light in weight which means 1/900th the size of their mother. The adult female pandas have more than 200 pounds or 91kg weight, but the baby bears are very small or puny. Marsupials like kangaroos are the only other mammals that show such a big difference in size between mother and newborn.

Baby Swan Has A Short Neck And Is Covered In A Thick Coat Of Down

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The baby swan, known as cygnets, looks different when they are born. They have short necks and are also covered in a thick coat of down. They covered through this coat of down for more than two years.

Newborn Silvered Leaf Monkeys Have Orange Color Fur Or Hair

It is another baby animal type that many people don’t know. Silvered leaf monkeys are an arboreal species found in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, and like their name, they can be identified by their silver, dark fur, and black skin. But baby silvered leaf monkeys look like they belong to a different species. When they are born, they have light-colored skin and orange fur.

A Grey Seal Baby Is Born With A Coat Of White Fur

In spite of their name, grey seal can actually have different color means and vary in color from grey to brown. This marine mammal is born with a coat of white fur, but after six weeks, they shed.

Kangaroos’ Baby Is Only One Inch Long When They Are Born

Baby kangaroos are born hairless and blind. After birth, a newborn baby immediately climbs up the body of its mother and into her pouch so its mother can feed it easily. The small marsupial will attach itself to a treat for some weeks before spending time outside the pouch. And they will not leave it completely for 7 to 10 months.

Emu Chicks Have Brown And Cream-Colored Strips When They Are Born

The emus are native to Australia, and they are also the second-largest living bird in the world after ostriches. Their chicks are born with cream and brown colored stripes on their feathers that help them to keep safe from predators.

These are some Baby animal types that look very different from their parents when they are born. However, not all animal babies look different; some of the baby animals appear the same as their parents.

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