Know These Five Awesome Animal Facts

Our planet has approximately 7.8 million species of animals. Some of them are very usual and the rest are absolutely unusual in our behaviour. Here is a list of some awesome animal facts that will surely amaze you if you are an animal lover. 

  1. Know These Amazing Facts About Shrimps

The whole body of a shrimp is divided only into two parts – head and tail. The heart of a shrimp is located on its thorax, at the bottom of its head. It is because the head of a shrimp is covered with a thick layer of protective materials. So the head is safer than any other body part to protect its internal organs. Its heart has six entrances through which blood comes to the heart. A shrimp has an open circulatory system with no arteries. More interestingly, all the internal organs of a shrimp float directly in blood. So if you are in search of some awesome animal facts, this will surely amaze you. 

  1. The Fingerprints Of A Koala Is Similar To Humans

This is one of the most awesome animal facts that a koala possesses fingerprints that are virtually indistinguishable from ours. It is an example of convergent evolution. In fact, each koala has fingerprints of different patterns. But, koalas are not the only animal whose fingerprints are similar to ours. Chimpanzees and gorillas also possess such fingerprints. It is interesting that the koala’s fingertips developed very recently in its evolutionary history. That is why many of its close relatives, like kangaroos or wombats, do not have this characteristic. 

  1. Know This Fact About The Horn Of A Rhino 

Do you know that the Horn of a rhinoceros is primarily made up of hair? If your answer is “No”, do check this article about the awesome animal facts to know the truth. Actually, the horn of a rhinoceros is primarily made up of keratin which is a protein found in the hair and nails of humans. This horn is not attached to its skull. Rhino’s horn helps it defend itself and its young.

  1. Know This Fact About The Digestion Of Sloths

Sloths take more time in digestion than they take in eating. Even, it takes almost a month for a sloth to digest their meal because of its fluctuating body temperature, as confirmed by Jacksonville Zoo, Florida. It is the slowest time of digestion taken by any mammal. Sloths have a multi-chambered stomach, just like the stomach of a cow, that contains symbiotic bacteria. These bacteria break down cellulose and the digestion process works so slowly that it takes up to 30 days for a sloth to digest a single leaf. Isn’t it one of the funniest and awesome animal facts! 

  1. Frogs Cannot Vomit

Due to full gastric eversion, frogs do not vomit. If they eat anything toxic, they cannot eject their stomach contents. Rather, they throw up their entire stomach. What is funnier among these awesome animal facts is that frogs are such tidy creatures that use to wipe their stomach hanging out of their mouth with their front feet. In this way, they remove the stray bits from their stomach. 

  1. Bottom Lines 

These awesome animal facts will enhance your interest to learn more, for sure. If you find any other incredible facts about animals, do write it in the comment box. 

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