Learn What You Don’t Know About Koalas

Learn What You Don't Know About Koalas

Once you hear what koala facts are, you might think that they are weird and a little nutty. But there are quite a few interesting things about koalas and their strange appearance that you probably haven’t heard before. Koalas are one of the world’s strangest animals. They have strange behaviors and facial features that make them stand out from all other mammals.

One of the most interesting koala amazing facts is that koalas are most likely descended from Australopithecus, which was a human-like creature. Modern koalas are even partially genetically related to humans.

Learn What You Don't Know About Koalas
Learn What You Don’t Know About Koalas

Marsupial’s Coat Koalas

Their unique marsupial’s coat has colored pockets that help it maintain body temperature in extremely cold or hot conditions. Koalas are very adapted to life in the rainforest and feed on small insects and other insects that live in tropical environments.

Like many species of marsupials, they live in their natural habitat in dense rainforests where they spend most of their time sleeping. Some species are truly solitary animals, but most will eat other animals during the day. There are four species of them.

Eastern Grey Koalas

The first of these species is the Eastern Grey Koala or Eumetopias Julii. These koalas live in rainforests of the Tropical North of Australia. Eumetopias koala facts reveal that they don’t mate for life and that they are very dependent on their mothers.

A lot of koala incredible facts involve how these animals move. Koalas can jump very high, and they do this by kicking their tail. It is to get themselves off a tree branch.

Learn What You Don't Know About Koalas
Learn What You Don’t Know About Koalas


All great apes have noses, but koalas have ears, not one big ear but two very sensitive ears. A part of the ear separates them called the tympanic membrane. Koalas can also hear other animals.

The next of the koala amazing facts involves their fur. Its black underbelly is composed of tufts of hair that help protect the animal from sunburn. In summer, the animal’s chest is covered with fluffy white fur, which becomes thinner as the animal grows older.

There are koala amazing facts about their mouths. They have extremely powerful teeth. They’ve got those long teeth, to begin with. Their teeth are about half an inch long, and they grow in rows that resemble a human jaw.


One of the next of the koala incredible facts is that their little feet are different than ours. Koalas have four toe pads instead of two. Their toes have to be able to withstand the strain of walking on the leaf-like pads. Koalas also have no nails on their paws.

A lot of koala incredible facts involve their ability to jump. They can jump about a foot into the air. What’s more, they can jump over small trees. The fact that can jump over a tree is one of the last amazing koala amazing facts about these animals.

There are also many other incredible koala amazing facts. But to begin with, these creatures are not your run of the mill marsupials. They are unique and fascinating, and you should learn more about them.

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