Lets Discuss the Top Ten Largest Animals of All Time

10 biggest animals

There are so many incredible creatures on earth that make it to the list of the world’s top 10 biggest animals. The arboreal and aquatic animals like the crocodile, alligator, and alligator-like snake each made the cut. The list also includes some terrestrial animals like the horse, elephant, and rhinoceros.

Blue Whale

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One animal that doesn’t make the cut is the colossal blue whale. The largest animal ever found on earth, the blue whale is so huge, it requires several cruise ships to keep it on the surface of the ocean. The average length of a blue whale is around 9 kilometres long.


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The next biggest animals in the world are turtles. While it may not look intimidating to humans, a turtle’s body is actually very strong and resilient. The name means “thick-skinned”, which helps explain its resilience. Turtles are incredibly tough animals and can live for over half a century without eating or moving. This is unheard of for other creatures.

Dinosauromorpha Animals

The last two animals on the list are probably not as obvious. The first one is dinosauromorpha, which include prehistoric animals such as dinosaurs and triceratops. The other is something that just made news: Gigantic tortoises, which were close in size to modern-day giant panda. These amazing creatures could grow to be nearly twenty feet long (ten meters). It was not until the year 2021 that scientists were able to photograph a Gigantic Tortoise in the wild, a feat that earned them the moniker “the world’s biggest animal”.

The Cetaceans

The biggest animals in the ocean belong to the class of cetaceans. Cetaceans are not walkers but swim by buoyancy. They have gills that keep them afloat. Their forelimb is shaped like a shell, much like that of the octopus. Among all terrestrial vertebrates, this class has the fewest species with backbones, which makes them the most basal ancestor of all modern whales and dolphins.

Chinese Alligators

The last animal on our list is a creature that we might not have given any attention: the lizard. The world’s largest known lizard – the Chinese Alligator – was an inhabitant of the muddy swamps and lakes of ancient China. The average adult lizard is around three feet long (one meter). The average snake – which is approximately half a meter in length – is also found in the Chinese water system.

The oldest known lizard belongs to the Cretaceous period. The name means “shorter-necked” and was discovered in South Africa. At that time, this particular reptile had a body length of about two meters (twenty-five inches). The name of this lizard originates from its brownish-red plaid or bluish-black color, which closely resembles that of the blue whale. It is estimated that these creatures were widespread in the coastal area of what is now South Africa during the Cretaceous period.


The last group we will discuss is that of mammals, which includes some of the strangest-looking animals in the animal kingdom. The record holder for the largest animal ever measured (estimated at twenty-seven feet long) is the eighteen tons (nearly four hundred pounds) known as the Diaphragm. Another record breaker is the thirty-three tons (nearly one thousand eight hundred grams) of the green iguana. The record for the largest vertebrae is also tied with the Diaphragm, which is a bit of a misnomer since it is not a vertebra. However, the word “limb” does come from this animal’s word for “backbone.”

In The End

These are just a few of the plants and animals that may be considered to be the largest. If there were such a list, it would surely make for interesting reading. How many of the animals listed above do you think are still alive today? While the dinosaurs may be gone, they have not completely escaped the earth’s history. If you would like to make your own list of the biggest animals, start making your own list right away.

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