Photo Angles To Picture Animals In Animal Kingdom

Do you love photography on the Animal Kingdom? Or are you a wildlife photographer yourself? Then you know that getting a satisfying photo is very tough in the wild than other genres of photography. More because to get an outstanding photo, you need to get your subject from great angles. But, do we know exactly what photo angles will work to capture one of the best Animal Kingdom photos?

Why not we look into the work of some extraordinary wildlife photographers across the world, to ace in the field? We can learn a lot about various aspects along with right photo angles to take the shot. Here are some books that can actually help you in your next shot:

National Geographic Animal book: 2,500 Animals With Photos, Maps, and More!

National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia: 2,500 Animals With Photos, Maps, and More!

Before looking for the right angle, you must know about your subject almost everything. Why it behaves a certain way, what are the specific factors that lead it to act in a specific manner? This book will enlighten you about the Animal Kingdom vividly.

The Encyclopedia features 2,500 species and has stunning photographs of animals, maps, amazing animal facts, and more in store for you to better equip yourself in certain situations. The authoritative information along with the extraordinary photographs upgrades your photography taking skill a notch higher for sure.

Here you will get some exceptional photographs of these wild animals in their natural habitat where their reactions are all raw. Gift yourself this extraordinary book, as a wildlife photographer. Your angle views will definitely improve with all the photos you will get in front of you to learn. Apart from that, the knowledge you will get is really worth it.

National Geographic The Photo Ark: One Man’s Quest To Document The World’s Animals

National Geographic The Photo Ark: One Man’s Quest To Document The World’s Animals

As an American photographer, Joel Sartore has contributed to the National Geographic magazine for a long time. As the head of National Geographic’s ‘The Photo Ark’ Project, he devoted his 25 years to document almost 12,000 species.

This book has some unique and lush photographs of these species living in a wildlife sanctuary or various zoos in the world. You will get to look at the way Joel has captured different species through is camera lenses. What angles looks stunning and many more things you can learn just going through this gem of a book. His powerful message will hit you at the core and will encourage you to follow the footsteps he has taken.

Sartore is traveling all across the world and visiting wildlife rescue centers as well as zoos to produce studio portrait of all of the 12,000 species. His emphasis is on the species who are facing extinction. Till now, he has taken more than 6,000 photographs already in partnership with National Geographic. You will get portraits of species of various, from small to big. This will give you and thorough idea which angle can give you a dramatic photo of the animals and also convey the message through photos.

This book will be a great asset for you throughout your life. Getting this book will help you immensely as a photographer.

101 Animals: Photo Book Of The World’s Animals

National Geographic The Photo Ark: One Man’s Quest To Document The World’s Animals

Covered with colorful photographs of 101 animals, this book by Johnny Li gives a fascinating insight into both big and small creatures. In this book, you will find the diversity present in the Animal Kingdom. Varieties of species are featured very well.

In this book, you will get some breathtaking photos of the wildlife. So if you want to better your photo angles and learn about these magnificent creatures in the wild, then this book is perfect for you.

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