Reasons To Opt For Animal Cruelty-free Products

animal cruelty free products

If you are concerned about the treatment of animals used for testing cosmetics, then it is time to become passionate and start searching for the best cruelty free products. Cosmetics testing on animals is inhumane and has serious consequences on the lives of non-treated animals. The U.S. cosmetics industry is one of the largest contributors to the torture of animals in the world. 

Here Are Some Of The Animal Cruelty-free Products That You Can Use:

Animal Cruelty

cruelty-free makeup and skincare. This means finding vegan friendly makeup and skincare products. There are many brands available that are completely vegan. cruelty-free makeup may come in natural colors and non-chemical formulations. Non-toxic and paraben free cosmetic products are also available. You will also find products that do not test on animals.

Animals undergo stress and harsh conditions in order to test cosmetics, such as lip gloss, foundation, mascara and eyeliners. Vegans make-up does not include any animal cruelty free products or colors. Some manufacturers have started including names of companies that refuse to use any animal tested ingredients on their products. For example, the Make Up For Ever line includes only natural ingredients. In addition to avoiding animal testing, you can look for cruelty-free makeup that is allergen free and that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Why To Opt For Animal Cruelty-free Products?

Animal Cruelty

Free beauty and makeup products that support veganism are also important. People who care about animals do not support animal cruelty and they also do not want to be wasteful by using petroleum based beauty and make-up products. There are so many vegan makeup and beauty products on the market today that it is difficult to choose from, but you should make every effort to learn how to find vegan makeup and other vegan products.

Cosmetics that are sold without animal cruelty testing must state that they are cruelty-free on their labels. A lot of people assume that all vegan beauty and makeup are cruelty-free. This assumption is totally false, because there are some animal cruelty free products that contain petrochemicals, which are commonly found in cheap make-ups, shampoos and conditioners. Petrochemicals irritate sensitive skin and are linked to skin cancer.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission, also known as the FTC, has put in place rules and regulations for manufacturers to make sure that the testing conducted on their products is as accurate as possible. The U.S. cosmetic industry is required to pay a large fine for each instance of animal cruelty that is brought to their attention. The animal rights movement is fighting to have these laws passed so that more innocent animals are saved from suffering and death through the use of cosmetics. Cosmetics companies need to realize that if they want to be successful in the marketplace than they must comply with these new regulations.

Choosing Cruelty-free Products

When choosing cruelty-free products, consider that there are also cruelty-free ingredients. Many products now contain only natural ingredients, many of which are plant based. For example, mineral oil has been replaced by essential oils and plant extracts such as passion fruit and maracuja. Many beauty industry companies have also replaced animal testing with vegan friendly ingredients such as beeswax and grape seed oil. Mineral oil can cause skin irritation and itching and beeswax can clog pores and cause acne and blackheads.

Final Thoughts

If you choose a product that has cruelty-free ingredients such as raw honey and nectar, then it will be delicious, delectable, refreshing, soothing and healthy! Honey has been used for thousands of years to heal the skin and for medicinal purposes. Raw nectar has also been widely used as a healing agent for burns and insect bites. The sweet, exotic scent of sex gives your face a delicious scent reminiscent of the wild and nyx has been tested and proven to help reduce wrinkles.

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