Roaring Facts About Lions

Lions are majestic creatures. If you are lucky enough to have seen one in person you know. While most people have only seen them in zoos, there is nothing like seeing lions in their natural habitat. If you are a big cat lover here are some roaring facts about lions

1. Lions don’t live in the Jungle.

Even though lions are commonly called the “king of the jungle”, they live in grasslands or in Savannah and not in the jungle. The unusual thing in the animal kingdom is that the female lions go out to hunt for food and they usually do it as a group unlike the male lions staying on their home and watching over their pride. However, the male lions will be the first to eat with the food that the female lions will bring home.

2. The Loudest Roar.

The male lion is the loudest roar in all of the species of the big cats that can be heard from 5 miles up away. Their roar will help them to look for the other lions and they are proclaiming their territory.Their territory may include 100 square miles.

3. A Symbol.

Lions symbolize courage, pride, and strengths and making them as a national symbol. Singapore, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ethiopia, England, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Albania, the countries that have the lion to be their national symbol.

4. A complex social structure.

Lions are quite similar to the wolves but most of the species of cat. The facts about lions that lives with a large group is called pride. A pride is composing of multiple females and they are dependent offspring together with the two or three males. Typically, the pride have 15 members, however, there is some pride that is larger than 40 members that have been observed.

5. They once roamed the globe.

The Lions were once lived in northern India, North America, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. But now the Lions primarily live in Africa. And aside from the small group of 300 Asiatic lions that are living at India’s Gir Forest.

The most threats in facing the lions are the loss of prey, habitat loss and also the human-lion conflict. This includes the retaliation kills that in which they were attacked and killed. Lions are a heroic animal that protects humans, should not we protect them also? Because of the wrong interpretations and doings of the humans, many will suffer and many are perishing.

This article might help you with the proper knowledge, understanding and research fall in love and be amazed by the amazing world of the lions.

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