Shocking Facts About Sharks

It is difficult to think of the animal that is awesome, in the literal sense, differently from the shark. They are well known as the stars in the blockbuster movies, the rulers of oceans, and being subject of interest for any person who wants to look for the amazing and extraordinary world of the sharks. For us, the great and awesome beasts that become the target of the endless fascination. But they have so many interesting things that capture us. Let us travel to the hidden treasure of surprises and secrets and yes, we will go hunting for that said treasure. Herein, we will all seek the most shocking facts about our toothy friends.

Here are the top 5 facts about the sharks that you don’t know.

1. Sharks have their sixth sense.

Aside from their destroying killer sensation of smell, the sharks could also notice the prey by tapping the small electrical area that the other animals produce by using their small organs called ampullae of Lorenzini. The tiny pores that are located close to their nostrils, throughout their head and below of their snout. These pores are connected to long, jelly-filled bulbs which are connected to their nerves under their skill.

2. Shark embryos attack each other.

The sharks are so strong, they using their embryos to attack others. Intrauterine cannibalism is the largest embryo inside a shark litter that eats other embryos. Researchers consider this phenomenon at sand sharks; these techniques let sand tiger sharks bear much bigger babies unlike the other species of shark. 

3. The longest fish in the world.

Sharks measures up to 40 feet long and huge that holds the largest title fish in the seas. However, in facing situations like this in the seas don’t worry because their ultimate meal is the plankton in which they eat in filter-feeding and a larger scoop of ocean water and small plants or animals.

4. Hammerheads have also 360 degrees vision.

Another interesting fact about the hammerheads is a there amazing and incredible sense of sight. The eyes of the hammerhead sharks are slope slightly forward. According to the study in 2009, they search that the position of their eyes allow them to have that impressive and extremely binocular vision that can see over 360 degrees.

5. The strongest in hammerheads.

The hammerhead shark has a funny-looking and mysterious head having a specific reason and purpose.  This contains 3,000 whopping ampullar pores that they use in picking up the electrical areas in the seas or oceans. The report by the MNN, the hammerheads increases the ampullae sensitivity that helps to track their favorite food, stingrays, which are commonly hiding under the sands.


By the use of this article, you will be amazed and shock for the extraordinary skills that the sharks have. We hope that we gave you the best information that will help you to expand your knowledge and understanding of the world of the sharks and lessen your fear every time you see them.

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